House #7

Welcome to house #7
The seller wouldn't let us take pictures of the house.
What? So dumb.
And the even more dumb thing is that Tom wasn't with me when I looked at it because he had to work.
My mom came with me and we both liked it.
But I wanted to show Tom (duh!)
and there are no pictures online with the listing, either.
You will have to trust me that it's cute.

City: Rancho Cordova
Listing Price: $185,000
3 Bed/2 Bath
1387 sq feet

[update: after this house sold they put a picture of the exterior of the home up...weird.]

Kitchen open to living
Huge master bath
[separate tub and shower, double sinks]
walk-in master closet
laundry inside
[lots of houses we've seen the laundry is in the garage]
Larger rooms than most we've seen
Very open floor plan
The biggest pro? The neighborhood.
It's a new development, the house was built in 2008.
The neighborhood is so super cute & clean.
Lots of young families and business people.
Bonus! It's practically next door to my parents and less than a 10 minutes drive to my in-laws.

No linen closet.
What the???
I really almost turned the house down just for that.
It seems silly but where would you put your towels? Board games? Sheets?
What house doesn't have a linen closet?
This one.
$32/month HOA
Carpet and linoleum throughout. Dislike.
Patio for a backyard.
Now I don't really know if that is a pro or a con. I really don't mind because there is a park seriously like a 3 minute walk can see it from the front door! And it means less yard work for Tom which means more family time...and that's what's most important, right? At the same time, it means Jack can't really run around in the backyard. No swing set. No basketball. No baseball.
But we only plan to be in our first home 5-7 years.
And then next time we can get a backyard.
I don't really think it's a con, after all.

Want to know a secret?
we put an offer in on this house!
Every time I say that my heart beats a little faster
and I feel very nervous.
This is a lot of money we're talking about!

Let me tell you why we decided to bid on this house.
First and foremost, location.
The neighborhood is just perfect for us.
I will feel safe at night when Tom is out of town.
Jack & I can go on walks all around the little neighborhood 
without worrying about busy streets
or crazies.
It's so quaint & quiet.
The house is new and has had only one owner
which means it's nice and neat and clean.
Even though the interior was not my favorite
I'm following the rule:
It's better to buy the worst house in the best neighborhood
than the best house in the worst neighborhood.
Now that's not to say this house is the worst house.
Far from it.
It's very cute.
But I'm giving up things I care about.
Like storage space. I'm still miffed about that linen closet.
And two separate living areas.
It has one large one.
I'm giving up a laundry room.
It's more of a laundry closet.
I'm giving up wood floors.
[but the carpets are new and nice]
I'm giving up a fireplace.
This part makes my heart wrench a little bit.
How will Santa Claus get in?
House-hunting is a give-and-take process.
You decide what is most important to you.
You give up the things you think you can live without.
and make sure you get the things you can't live without.
Nobody can have a perfect starter home.

We offered 180,000.
Our realtor told us we would have one shot.
There are already multiple offers in on the house.
Even though a comparable house sold for $155,000
he thinks she will probably get asking for it.
We didn't feel comfortable going in at asking.
180 is our comfort level.
So. We offered our best and we'll see what happens.
If we get it, yay!
If we don't, we move on.
This is my house-hunting tip of the day: no emotional attachments to houses.
No planning how you will paint it or decorate it until it's actually yours.
I have a feeling it can get devastating if you do.

Here is one cute picture for you since I have none of the house

Tom thought Jack should pray with us when we said a prayer about putting an offer in on the house.
It's only appropriate that Jack kneels and folds his arms.
How cute is he?! 
[even though he's a little bit blurry]
Heavenly Father is going to have a hard time saying no to this cute boy some day.
[excuse our messy bed]

Oh. And this is Tom telling our realtor we'd like to make an offer on the house.
Wish us luck!
My hopes are not high but it would be nice to have more space than one bedroom for the three of us sometime soon!

PS I promise I will post pictures of the house if we get it.
Silly owner.

Update: This house sold for $195,000.

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