House #8

Welcome to house #8.

City: Carmichael
Listing Price: $139,900
3 Bed/2.5 Bath
1541 sq feet

Let me just start off by saying I really loved this house!
It's not at all what I originally pictured us living in
mostly because it needs a lot of updates
but it had really good bones
and I think with the right touches, it could be so super cute.

We went at night so I couldn't get a good picture of the outside so this is from the listing.
So cute, right?!

This is what you see when you first walk in.
I know, it's ugly.
But picture it with the cabinets either stained dark
or painted white.
Dark hardwood planks
granite countertops
and new appliances.
[oh, and a new light fixture]
Now it's cute, right?

Eat-in kitchen.
Love the crown molding throughout the house.

So I'm still standing at the front door but now facing the right instead of the left.
So in love with the brick fireplace.
Staircase is super cute.
Imagine those dark hardwood planks continuing into the family room and up the stairs.

Bay windows. Love love love.

Half bath in the hallway off the kitchen.
Yes, it's very dated.
Easy fixes: New countertops, remove wallpaper, stain/paint cupboards, paint walls.

Look how dated the appliances are!
The house was built in 1989 but you'd think that the appliances have been here since the 70's.

Top of the stairs. Laundry closet.
The house was empty so I guess the washer/dryer come with?
We wouldn't want them anyway because we have a set we really like.
But we could always sell them.

Master closet. Dream master closet.
Love the built-ins and it's so huge!

The other half of the master closet.
I could buy this house just for the closet.

Master bath.
Okay, yes, it's so nasty.
But the potential!
It's pretty roomy.
Add granite countertops.
New light fixture.
Stain or paint cabinets.
Retile the shower
[subway tiles, anyone?]
and definitely remove all the gold...

Look at the cute window!
PS the shower is not dirty, the tiles are just tan/white...
who would pick that?

Master bath still.  Look at all the storage!

More storage behind the door of the master bath.
Storage galore! 

Guest bedroom #1
...and my mom with Jack.
[yes, my mom and brother wanted in on the house-hunting fun so they came along.]
Ceiling fan. Check.
And PS you can't tell but it is ginormous!
Tom thinks it's pointless to have a big room for a child but I love it!

Cutest alcove in the bedroom.

Another alcove behind the door.
Perfect place for a dresser?
I think yes.

Guest bedroom #2.
How cute is the cutout for the window?
Oh, and this bedroom is also gigantic.

Guest bath.
Yes, it's dated.
Yes, I still hate the gold.
Again, I insert potential.

Bedroom closet. Plenty big for children.
There was also more storage cabinets in the hallway upstairs.

Overall, this house won my heart.
Not so much for T.
He sees it as a money pit.
I see it as potential.
And it's totally move-in ready.
Well. The carpets are 100% nasty so the floor would have to be changed right away.
Everything else, we could live with. Slowly change.
And since it's so much bigger than most we've seen, we could totally stay awhile.
Oh, and the elementary school is right around the corner.
I love it.
PS There is a cute backyard with patio and a small patch of grass.
It's the perfect size.
And this house is in a little community. Safe. Quiet. Perfect.


Good neighborhood, good school.
Lots of space.
Huge master closet.
So much storage space!
It's one of the first homes we've seen with a pantry! hooray!
Extra large rooms.
This one has a linen closet. Sigh of relief.
Character. Fireplace, cute alcoves & cutouts in bedrooms, etc.
[Mostly] move-in ready.

Kitchen is not open to living area.
and yes, I'm still considering it.
That's how much I liked the rest of the house.
Electric range.
[however there is gas running to the house so that can be changed]
Needs a ton of cosmetic updates. Very 80's.
HOA: $110/month.
Killer. That might be the only thing keeping us from making an offer.

I'm surprised at myself for how much I actually really like it.
We are going to crunch numbers tonight and see if it's possibly to make an offer.
There are already multiple offers in on the house
and the deadline is Friday at 5pm.
Our realtor thinks a strong offer would be somewhere between 155-160.
[way over asking, like most]
Plus the 110 HOA. We'll see.
My fingers are crossed.

PS We are still waiting to hear on house #7.
Did you know you can put offers in to other houses even if you already have one in to a house?
I learn new things every day.

Update: This house sold for $157,500.

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