House #9

We'll start with the sad news.
We did not get house #7.
The listing agent never did even call our realtor to let us know.
I just happened to see the listing changed from "active" to "pending."
Our realtor was not very happy that the listing agent never called him.
I'm way more disappointed than I thought I would be.
But life goes on
and so does the hunt.

Welcome to house #9.

City: Rosemont
Listing Price: $179,000
4 Bed/2 Bath
1483 sq feet

Entry/formal living area.
It's bigger than it looks.

Coat closet in formal living.

Family Room

[view of family room from other side]

Master bath.


Guest bath

Guest room #1

Guest room #2

Guest room #3


See linen closet? :]

Small backyard.


So this house really isn't very exciting.
Neither of us loved it.
It's not in our ideal city and it wasn't fantastic inside.

4 bedrooms.
[they were small but I'm thinking maybe I would prefer 4 small bedrooms to 3 large ones? I never know what to do with large spaces anyway.]
Kitchen open to family room.
Separate living/family rooms
Laminate flooring.
Good size.

Not our ideal area.
Dated finishes.
Smells [faintly] smokey
but still definitely smokey.
Carpets in bedrooms need to be replaced.
[also everything would need to be painted to remove smoke smell]
Kitchen is ridiculously tiny.
Zero cupboard space in kitchen.
Well, there are a few cupboard but they are all ridiculously skinny so you can barely fit anything in them.

Overall, this house just didn't do it for us.
On to house #10.

Update: This house sold for 186,000.

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