(kind of) got the loan.

so we met with the lender yesterday.
gave him some more information that he needed.
and he told us what we were approved for.
it's more than we want to spend
so we set our budget at an amount we're more comfortable with.
we still would like to spend less than our budget max
but if we found something we just loved at the top of our budget
we could make it work.
we don't really have the loan yet
we've just been pre-approved.

since we have been pre-approved we contacted our realtor.
his name is timothy pantle.
or, as known to tom, Mr. Pantle.
[he was Tom's 6th grade teacher]
we randomly saw him listed as a realtor one day when we were looking at houses on zillow.
we contacted him at that time and told him we'd like to work with him.
he referred us to the lender we just met with
and now here we are.
anyway. we contacted him again yesterday
and told him we were ready to begin our hunt!

he asked for our must-have list.
this is it:
*at least 3bed/2bath
*at least 1200 sq ft
*open floor plan
[the kitchen must be open to the living space]

he plugged those into a search on his website
[minus the open floor plan since you can't search that...
we will have to just see when we tour the homes]
and gave us a log-in to the site.
we went through the homes that matched our criteria
and picked about a dozen we definitely want to see.

tomorrow we tour some of them.
we are really excited
but also a little bit scared.
it's really happening!
we are on the road to becoming

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