Knee Surgery, Round 2.

Welcome to my knee surgery.
[round 2]
It has been 6 years since my last surgery
and I thought since I've been through it before
I wouldn't be nervous at all.
The night before surgery I was so anxious.
T & my dad gave me a Priesthood blessing
which helped calm my nerves.

Monday morning my dad drove me to the hospital
[at 6:30am].
Checked in at 7:30am.

Answered questions for the nurse.
Got hooked up to my IV.
They gave me a shot of Lidocaine before doing the IV
which was so great because then I couldn't feel the IV at all!
I warned the nurse that everyone has a really hard time getting my IVs in.
She said "really? I can see your veins just fine."
She was surprised in a minute because she had a hard time
just  like everybody else.
Good thing for the Lidocaine.
She said "you're right, your veins are just really tough! It's hard to get this in!"
Told you so :]

Dr Howell came to see me and signed the leg he'd be operating on.
The anesthesiologist came to see me.
Asked if I've ever had any complications with anesthesia.
Last time I had surgery I had a hard time waking up.
They gave me an extra dose right at the end of surgery because I was waking up
but it was too much.
I had to stay in the hospital a few hours longer than expected
and had to be on oxygen.
Not fun.

Then they rolled me back to the surgery room
had me switch beds
were talking to me
and I started to feel like I was going to pass out.
Everything seemed out of place when I looked around.

Next thing I know I'm awake in the recovery room.
[it is so weird how that happens!]
I asked the nurse how long I had been out of surgery
and she said half an hour.
She gave me saltines and Narco
and made me get dressed
even though I was really tired and really just wanted to sleep.
I heard her call my parents and tell them I was ready.
It seemed like only one minute later I heard my dad.
He told me it was really a half hour after she called.
Guess I was out of it.
They wheel-chaired me to the car.
Mom & Dad asked if I wanted to sit in the front
or in the back with Jack.
In the back with Jack!
I was so excited to see my sweet little baby.
I laid on Jack's car seat
and we held hands
and we took a little nap together on the way home.

They told me to be on a liquid diet the first day
so my dad stopped by Jamba Juice.
so sweet.
As soon as we got home I fell asleep on the couch
and mom & dad took Jack out to lunch with them.

I pumped & dumped once after surgery
and then could start nursing Jack.
He was so happy to not have a bottle anymore.
But I think the remnants of anesthesia or maybe the Narco
made him very sleepy.

Recovery this time around has been so much better than last time!
On Day 1 I was barely in any pain.
But that's because Dr. Howell gave me a numbing injection
that he said would last most of the day.
Plus I wasn't too swollen yet.
Doing the exercises I was assigned were pretty easy.
(6 different exercises, 10 sets of 10 repetitions each day)
That's a total of 600 exercises each day!

I thought the first night would be bad.
But I slept through it
and by day #2 still hadn't taken any pain meds
minus the one Narco they made me take in recovery.
My knee was stiff and swollen during days 2 &3
and the exercises hurt quite a bit
but my knee always felt much better after doing them.
I used crutches sparingly on days 2 &3.
Mostly because I knew I probably shouldn't put a lot of weight on the knee.
But Dr. Howell told me I could lose them as soon as I felt stable enough.
So I've been walking without them.

Dr. Howell also told me I could get on an exercise bike
as soon as I felt able.
I tried yesterday
[day 3]
At first I thought I wouldn't be able to bend my knee enough.
But I just moved really slowly and eventually was able to get the pedal all the way around!
I only biked for 3 minutes
[on a resistance 1]
but that was enough.

Yesterday I got to take off my bandaging!
huge celebration.

this is the original bandaging.
it was bulky so whenever I stood up it would be a lot of weight pulling down
which rubbed and pulled on my staples.
[say hello to jack jack who is supposed to be sleeping.]
i took that part off and got to this part:

The directions I got from the surgeon said to remove the bandaging and shower after 48 hours.
It said to not remove the tapes covering the incisions
but if it fell off to place clean bandaids over the incision sites.
Well. I wasn't sure if this part was the tapes or not.
I thought there was probably smaller tapes underneath this big bandage.
Oops, wrong.
I took it off and found this underneath
(don't look if you are easily disgusted)

That incision on the side
(which is on the inside of my knee)
is about twice as long as my original scar from last time.
9 staples.
Then four more staples in the front of my knee
[those are new incision sites. they were on the sides of my knee last surgery]
After showering I re-bandaged myself
[yay for not minding the site of this after working for Dr. Gibson!]

I am so happy with how easy my recovery has been.
Today [day 4] I am walking almost without a limp.
The only thing that still really hurts is my incision site.
Of course my knee is sore and sometimes stiff
but it's not bad at all!

I'm so grateful for all the people who have helped with Jack
[and with me]
my mom & grandma have spent the days with us
carrying Jack wherever he needs to go.
I'm still too unstable to walk while carrying him.
my dad, aunt jamie, and uncle chris have helped in the afternoons
holding Jack and getting me things.
and thomas is always a huge help at night
when he gets home from work.
taking care of Jack
and of me.
so a huge thank you
to everybody.
it is much appreciated.

[as always]
Jack Jack was such a good boy on surgery day.
He made recovery with an infant easy-peasy.
He cuddled with me

and even held my hand

[love my sweet boy!]

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