House #13

Welcome to House #13.
[un]lucky #13?

City: Rancho Cordova
Capital Village community
List Price: $165,000
3 bed/4 bath
1658 sq ft

This is another one of those funky townhouses.
My parents call them the "toon-town homes."
For good reason.

It's the blue one.
I used to think I would never live in one of these houses.
But once I walked through them, I love them!

When you first enter the house you have the choice of going upstairs or down.
First we headed down.

Living area.
The current owners are in the process of moving out.
Excuse the mess.

Full bath downstairs.
The potential!
You could use this downstairs space as a guest suite
or an entertaining area
[hello, parties!]
or turn the living area into a 4th bedroom.

Outdoor space off of the living area downstairs.
They haven't done anything with it but I think I would add grass.
It's small but it's outdoor space!
...and it's very low-maintenance!

Under the stairs closet.
The bottom floor also has the garage access.
On to the second floor/main living area.

Full bath #2. So cute.

Shower in bath 2.

I'm standing at the top of the stairs.
Family/dining room
and sneak peek of the kitchen.
The door my mom is standing by goes to the second outdoor space/balcony.
[see below]

Outdoor space/balcony.
Sorry, I forgot my camera so these pictures are on my the dark.

That little wooden island is theirs.
It doesn't come with the house.
The picture from the listing looks much better than mine:
Gorgeous, right?
Love the cabinet color, love love love the granite.

Laundry closet.

Guest bedroom #1.
And now up to the 3rd floor...

Guest bedroom #2

with another balcony.

Full bath #3

Master bedroom with full bath #4
...yes, four!
There's also a walk-in closet but I forgot to take a picture.

I love it.
Granite counters.
New construction
Nice window coverings
Walk-in closet in master
4 bathrooms!
2 separate living spaces
decent-sized bedrooms
beautiful kitchen
1600+ sq ft!!

Carpet needs to be replaced
4 bathrooms - imagine the cleaning!
but i still think of this as a PRO.
The living space upstairs is really hard to configure with furniture due to two sets of stairs taking up furniture space.
No running space in outdoor spaces
[still, I love the idea of balconies.]
3 stories
[but really, I don't mind.]
$170/month HOA. Killer.

Seriously, I loved this house!
T couldn't come because he had to work late
[even though he was supposed to get off early, boo!]
but I showed him pictures and he loved it too.
So we made an offer.
We also sent a personal letter to the seller
introducing our little family and telling them how much we love and want the house.
And we included a family picture.
Then we held our breath and crossed our fingers and kept a prayer in our hearts
for two long days.
and then.
they said no.
and that's the way house-hunting goes.
and it just stinks.

It's amazing to me how many times I can be let down and completely disappointed
and I think I will never find another house I love.
But then we see another one that I really do love
and the excitement comes back full-force.
I'm worried that eventually I'm going to block the excitement out.
And not let it back in.
And then I won't even be excited when we finally close on something.
At this point, it really will be just more of a relief to finally have this hunt over with
and have a place to call our own.

With that said,
the hunt continues.
And we try to stay positive.
Key word: try.

Update: This house sold in May 2013 for $170,000.

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