House #14

Welcome to House #14.

City: Fair Oaks
Price: $168,000
3 bed/2 bath
1476 sq feet

To be honest, I didn't really want to see this house in the first place.
The pictures look nice but the kitchen is just ridiculously small.
BUT the hubby really wanted to see it so we did.

Front of house.
Pretty cute.

Front room.
The floors look really good in these pictures
but in real life they look and feel really cheap.
They're laminate
[which is totally fine, normally. that was just a side note.]

View from the other side of the room
plus a sneak peek of the kitchen.

Second living space off the kitchen.
I love that there's a fireplace!
and I love that there are two living spaces.

View from the other side.
I don't know if you can tell from this angle
but look at how tiny that kitchen is!
Mostly there is just no cupboard space.
But I do like that it's an eat-in.

Eat-in kitchen.
Cute wall details.

Look closely at the right of this picture where the tile meets the laminate.
Whoever "fixed up" this house was a real amateur.
There are a lot of mistakes - noticeable ones!
If you can tell, the tile and laminate don't quite meet up and some of the tiles are cracked.
It clearly needs to be fixed.
[um. or just see the picture below instead of squinting.]
forgot i took this one :]

See how little cupboard space there is?
I love the cabinets with the windows.
I think it adds a lot of character.
I hate that there is no cabinet space for food.
It will barely fit my dishes!
And there is not space for a stand-alone pantry
because then your kitchen table won't fit!
It just wouldn't work.

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2
Cute windows, right?

Updated bathroom.
Okay, it looks really cute here!
And it was updated nicely
but they definitely photo-shopped this because that sink has a ginormous crack in it!

Master bedroom.

View of the master from the other side.
The bigger part of the room is an add-on.
I feel like that smaller space is totally pointless though.
It's not big enough to be a sitting room
but it's not really small enough to just be an "entry"
so I just call it "wasted space."

Master bath.



Okay, the pictures of this house are deceivingly beautiful.
Yes, the house is updated.
But it's like someone did it in a super-rush
or maybe they were blind.
Because there are a lot of mistakes.
What really turned us off in the end [minus all the bad handiwork]
was the lack of cupboard space in the kitchen.

Granite counters in bathrooms
love the stone in the showers
two separate living areas
medium-sized yard
large master bedroom
ceiling fans

Poor craftsmanship in updates
Lack of kitchen cupboard/pantry space
no walk-in closet in master
small guest bedrooms
cheap-looking laminate flooring

Let's just put it this way.
When my mom was explaining the houses we saw tonight to my dad
[she likes to go house-hunting with us]
she said "the first house, no. it's...well, just no."
That's that.
We will not be submitting an offer here.

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