House #15

Welcome to House #15.

City: Rancho Cordova
Price: $164,000
*after we saw this property the price increased to $175,000
3 bed/2 bath
1521 sq feet

We saw this house in the dark so the exterior picture isn't the best but it looks really nice from the outside.  
Great curb appeal.

 Walk in front door, kitchen is immediately to your right.
And there's a pocket door which is kind of nice.
Because sometimes the kitchen is a mess and you just don't want guests to see that.
Notice seafoam green countertops.

The seller was very kind to leave behind the matching seafoam curtains.

Close-up of counters. This color is actually jeans. Not on countertops.

Pretty sure this dishwasher came with the house which was built in 1958.

GINORMOUS laundry room!
Who puts their window treatment in the middle of the window, though?

Living room.
Gorgeous fireplace.
No, the realtor is not peeing.
My nephew asked me that, haha!

Additional living space.
[family room]

Most random shelf you've ever seen.
These cupboards are in the hallway
[yay, storage space!]
and that shelf pulls out or pushes all the way in.
My best guess is that it's for ironing?

Bubblegum pink guest bath.

Apparently, I didn't take pictures of all the bedrooms.
Bedroom pictures are boring anyway.
I think this is the master.

Master bath.
I am not a fan of black & white bathrooms.
[but I guess it's better than pink:]

View of kitchen from laundry room.
Serious storage space...see the 2 extra cabinets below.

Good square footage
Good bones
Ridiculously clean/great condition
Cute backyard
Separate living/family rooms
Eat-in kitchen
Cupboard space in kitchen
Overall storage space in house
Ginormous laundry room
Quiet street
Regular sale - not a short sale or foreclosure

Seriously dated - pretty much everything needs updating
3 orange trees in the backyard. First of all, I hate oranges.
Second of all, that's a lot of oranges!!

Basically the only real con is the updating that needs to be done.
Some people could just suck it up for the next 5-7 years and live here.
I'm not one of those people.
This feels like Grandma's house, not like home.
[and it probably IS grandma's house - it has only had 1 owner since it was built.]
We could easily see the potential of this house but, in the end, we had to turn it down.
I would love the opportunity to give a house like this a major facelift.
Unfortunately, we aren't willing to invest that kind of time or money when
1) we plan to sell and move on in 5-7 years and
2) because this house is in an older part of Rancho we just don't know how much of the money we put into the house we would get out of it...honestly, probably not much.
It took us a few days to decide that we really were going to turn it down. We really loved the layout and the space and I think if we were planning to live there more like 10-15 years then we would have gone for it.
I have to say, though, when we got the email that the price increased by 11,000 we knew it wasn't worth even considering anymore.

The search continues...

Update: This house sold for $175,000.

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