House #16

Welcome to House #16

City: Rancho Cordova
Mills Ranch subdivision
Price: $169,900
3 bed/2 bath
1350 sq feet

Front of house.
I hate this model because the front door is around the side of the house.
Look at the right side of the house and see the bush in that little crevice?...that's the front door.
Weird, right?

Step in front door, to the left is your formal living area...with fireplace.
Try to see past the dated furniture.
This house was built in 1981 and is still owned by the original owners.
I'm pretty sure this is also their original furniture.

Garden area.
With spa, which I think is included.
I don't really want a spa but if it's included, I'll take it :]

Small. Limited cupboard space. And yuck.

Family room which the kitchen overlooks.
I do like that feature.

Dining room.
However! This is the optional 3rd bedroom.
Well, we definitely need the third bedroom.
So this would have to be closed off and then we lose the dining space.
The kitchen is not an eat-in so we would have to put the table in the family room.
Not a fan.

Master bedroom.
I really hate having access to the outside from any bedroom.
Call me paranoid, but it freaks me out.

Master bath. Very dated but lots of storage space.

Master bath continued.

Guest bath.

Bedroom #2

Sufficient storage space

I don't really like this subdivision.
We've seen one other house here and I wasn't impressed.
Only has two bedrooms with the optional third that we would have to convert.
No space for kitchen table once we convert the dining room to third bedroom.
Everything is very dated.  It would be a huge project.
Super tiny kitchen with very minimal storage.
Electric range.

Really, I could go on with the cons but I'll spare you.
Basically, I just wasn't feeling it.
This one is out.

Update: This house sold for $162,000.

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