House #17

Welcome to House #17.

City: Rancho Cordova
Capital Village subdivision
Listing Price: 140,000
3 bed/3 bath, 1316 sqft

Okay so none of these townhouses are the actual one we looked at but I just wanted to take a picture of what the community looks like.  If you remember, we've seen two of these before except the ones we saw were 3 stories and this one is a two story.  Below are pictures of the unit we actually saw.

It's a corner unit, which is nice.
You would think this means less shared walls BUT we learned that none of the units are actually connected.  There is about a one inch buffer space between the units.  So they just look connected.  This would be why we've never been able to hear neighbors when we've been viewing these.

The units do have 2 car garages in the back.

Okay so walk in front door and there is a little entry way and then the laundry closet is directly ahead.
There is a door, it's not just out in the open.
Problem #1: this is clearly made for stackables.
We have side-by-sides and we love ours.
I would hate to sell them especially since I love top-load washers and you obviously can't have that with stackables. Boo.

Main floor bedroom.
It is not the master but... does have a walk-in closet

and a full bath!

Under the stairs closet/coat closet?

Under the stairs closet continued. Serious storage which I love!

Kitchen. Love the cabinet colors. Love the gas range.

Kitchen opens to the most minuscule family room you've ever seen.

Here is another view of the family room.
So this is the only living space in the house. 
I'm completely unsure how I would arrange furniture in here.
There are two usable walls - the window wall and the back wall.
The counter half-wall is obviously not usable space and the half wall would not be able to house furniture since it could be a hazard for Jack or future children.
The TV would clearly have to go on the back wall which leaves the window wall for the couch.
Which means you are at a funny angle for watching TV which is unfortunate.
PLUS there is seriously absolutely no space to have people over.
I love to entertain and this place just won't allow it. Boo.
PS I'm not sure how I failed to take a picture of the dining space but it's the space the photographer is standing in to take the above picture [this picture is from the listing].

Guest bedroom #2

Guest bath.

Guest bedroom closet.

Master bedroom closet.

Master bedroom.

Master bath.

We love most of the finishes in the house
New construction (built in 2007)
2 story
Large bedrooms
Kitchen overlooks [mini] family room
Space for kitchen table
Good storage in bathrooms & kitchen
Gas range
Good price
Ideal neighborhood

Minuscule family room
Maybe the rooms are a little too big?
We definitely don't need two bedrooms with walk-in closets and full baths.
That would be nice if you were going to use one as a guest bedroom
but we would [currently] use one as an office/craft room and eventually as a child's room.
I would rather have that space put into the living area.
Stackable washer/dryer
One bedroom downstairs
[even though that is not the real master bedroom I think we would use it as such so we don't have to have a child downstairs by themselves]

Even though I am still a little bit hesitant about the limited living space
[and thus limited entertaining :( ]
T really likes it so we decided to put an offer in.
This is a HUD home which means it was an FHA loan foreclosed on.
It has already been appraised at $140,000.
Banks will not give you a loan for more than what the home appraises for so anything we offered over $140,000 would have to come out-of-pocket.
We decided to offer $142,201 or something random like that.
Basically with HUD homes, the highest bid wins. Our agent said we could win by a dollar...that's why our offer is random.
This is offer #5 I think.

Update: This house sold for $142,000 in January 2013.

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