House #18

City: Rancho Cordova
Stone Creek subdivision
Listing Price: $206,585
3 bed/2 bath, 1344 sqft

Front of house. So cute!

Eat-in kitchen. Walk in the front door and this is directly to your right. This picture is taken facing the front door.

Kitchen. Ahhhh :]

Kitchen opens to family room

Family room

View of kitchen/eat-in from family room

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath

Guest bath

Guest bedroom #1

Guest bedroom #2

Laundry room



Okay so this house is kind of tricky.  Here's the deal.  This house came through in an email about a month ago and was listed at $180,000.  We wanted to see it but our agent called and they said they were waiting for a short-sale pre-approval price from the bank.  The agent said we'd keep an eye on it and once the price changed we would know it was ready to be shown.  Well.  It came through a few weeks later at $206,585 but already showed it was pending. Boo.

Then.  On Saturday when we were looking at some other houses, our agent showed us a map of our ideal area to show us how there were only 3 total active homes (in any price range!).  He clicked through them and this house was showing active!  So the last offer must have fallen through somewhere along the lines and we didn't get it back through our email since we are set to only get homes up to $200,000 and this was listed $6,585 above that.

Well since Tom consolodated his student loans we can now afford a little more than before so we wanted to see it.  The showing instructions said you had to give at least a 2 hour notice.  Our agent called the listing agent and we were able to set an appointment to see the house this afternoon.

I was so excited to see this house and seriously anticipating it.  It was all I could think about this morning.  And then.  An hour before we were supposed to see the house our agent texted me and said as he was about to print the paperwork for our showing he noticed it was "sale pending." WHAT!? Ahhh!!! I'm so frustrated because we should have just gone to see in on Saturday night, not to mention the listing agent never even called our agent to tell him not to bother to bring us by since they already accepted another offer!  And anyway, why would the listing agent keep scheduling appointments for people to view the property when the seller is already going to accept an offer?

Super lame.
But guess what?
We put an offer in anyway [#6].  Just as a backup.  Just in case.
We offered asking since the bank has already pre-approved that amount for the short-sale.
If the other offer falls through we might be in business.  But I'm not banking on it.

Oh PS. These pictures clearly aren't mine since we didn't actually see the house. These are the listing pictures.

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