House #19

Welcome to House #19

City: Rancho Cordova
Listing Price: $169,000
3 bed/2 bath, 1344 sqft

Front of house. Cute, right? I think I would paint that front door a cute color.
Red maybe?

Ahhh, I'm in love. The color of the granite is gorgeous.
Love that there's an island.
Love the cherry cabinets.
Love the spacious feel and the cupboard space.
Love the cutout to the family room.
Basically, I just love it all.

Notice granite color.

Family room.

Family room view from other side.

Guest bedroom #1

Guest Bedroom #2

Master bath.

Okay, I didn't take any pictures of this house because I figured the listing had enough to show what it looked like. I guess I didn't realize there wasn't one of the guest bath but oh well.  It looks pretty similar to the master bath but bigger and with a tub and not a pedestal sink.

In our ideal city
It's a flip so everything is completely updated not to mention absolutely gorgeous
Granite counters
Large eat-in kitchen
Good size family room
Cute backyard - perfect size with lemon & orange trees
Storage space in kitchen
Coat closet + storage closet + linen closet!
Good sized bedrooms
[the master is a little smaller than I'd hoped for but it's not bad].

Pedestal sink in master bath.
I hate pedestal sinks for the fact that you lose storage.
PLUS do you see how there is absolutely no storage in that bathroom? There is not even a medicine cabinet. Where do they expect you to put your toothbrush or toothpaste or the other million things you normally keep in your bathroom?
We would have to install a cupboard over the toilet.
Small master bath.
Laundry in garage. Boo :[
No walk-in closet in master [but it is quite large]
No ceiling fans!
That is a new must have with Jack Jack.
When it's nap time he will lay on our bed and watch the ceiling fan go around and around and around for up to an hour until he falls asleep.  It's great.

Overall, I loved this house.
T didn't get to come with because he had to work but these pictures pretty much do it justice.
He likes it too.
So we made an offer!
We offered $182,000.
I wanted to offer more just to be sure but our agent said if you start offering crazy high then they think you're just playing games. So we stuck with his advice of offering $182,000.  But if we lose this one I will not be happy. And next time I'll be offering whatever I want to offer.
Fingers crossed!
This is offer #7.
And it's the third offer we currently have in.  
Still waiting to hear back on house #17 and house #18.

Update: This house sold for $182,500.
$500 over our offer. How much does that STINK?!

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