House #20

Aaaaand we are on house #20!!
Holy smokes, this search feels like it is going to last forever.

City: Rosemont
Listing Price: $199,000
4 bed/2 bath, 1725 sqft

Front of house.
I think it's so cute!
And definitely well-maintained, right?

Formal living room/dining room.
But I think I would just use it as a great room because I really have no purpose for an dining room.
Okay, I have to be honest that it's not as big as it looks like this picture but it really is BIG!
I just love those corner windows.

Living room again.
Love the window.

...and again.
This also gives you a good view of the layout of the house.
The family room is through the opening on the left
and the kitchen has the two entrances.
Then if you go down the hall before the kitchen it takes you to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Family room.
Fireplace. Love!
Vaulted ceilings! This might be the first place we've seen with vaulted ceilings. I love them!

Family room with view of kitchen...which is an eat-in! Love!

Family room again.


Granite counters but I really dislike black granite.
But they will have to do.
I think I would replace the cabinets with cherry-wood cabinets.
[eventually, at least. Not right away because this house is too expensive to do it right away.]
Oh, and that kitchen light would definitely have to go...immediately.

Don't you just love those vaulted ceilings?

Okay these pictures are from the listing.
I normally do not take pictures of the same room from a million angles
but since they took the time to do it I'll post them.
I guess you do get a better feel for the flow of the house.

Family room...again.

Master bedroom.
Notice ceiling fan :]
Also notice slider to backyard :[

So this is kind of a strange layout because there is one sink outside of the actual bathroom and then there's another one inside the bathroom. I don't know that I like it but it's not a big deal.
Closet on the right which is a walk-in.

Master bath.

Guest bedroom #1

Guest bedroom #2

Guest bedroom #3

Guest bath.
Granite again! Even though it's still black I do love it.

Okay, this backyard is awesome.
This little covered patio has shades and a fan.
It's the perfect outdoor dinner space.

...imagine patio furniture.

The grass is so green!

4 bedrooms!
2 separate living spaces
Kitchen overlooks family room
The whole house has been very well maintained.
Beautifully landscaped backyard.
[with 8ft fences, by the way, which allows for a ton of privacy!]
Large master bedroom
Double sinks
Walk-in closet
Ceiling fans throughout
Built-in shelving in ALL the closets!! I seriously LOVE it.
Cupboard space in kitchen.
Good flow
Indoor laundry room

A few fixtures need updating
...but I don't even think I would consider this a con because it means I get to choose stuff myself and have it be my own style.

Basically, I love this house.
More than I've loved any other house we've seen.
Maybe 20 is our lucky number??
We just had to make an offer on this house even though it's listed at the peak of our price range.
We decided if we could live here we'd be okay with being house-poor for the next 7ish months until T gets his raise.
We offered $210,000.
We upped our usual deposit of $1,000 to $3,000 to make our offer a little bit stronger.
Because these are the original owners and they probably have emotional ties to the house we included a letter about ourselves and how much we love their house and hope they pick us.
We also included a family picture because who can say no to baby Jack?
I'm really praying we get this one, I absolutely LOVE it!!!
I think I might cry if we don't get this one.  So far I've never been so bummed about a house that it brings me to tears.  But this one just might do that. I might cry if we get it too. I really love it that much.
I'm thinking we'll find out on Monday-ish.
They are having an open house on Sunday so I'd think they'd make a decision shortly after that.

This is offer #8 and the 4th offer we currently have in.
Still waiting to hear back on numbers 1718, and 19.

Update: This house sold for the asking price of $199,000.
We don't understand how it sold for less than what we offered...

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