House-Hunt Update

I'm sorry for leaving you hanging for so long!
We did not get house #12.

Here's the summary:
Our agent wrote up our offer of 167,000 (house was listed at 145,000). Because this was a short-sale and most banks will not accept electronic signatures we had to print the paperwork, sign it and scan it back to our agent. Our printer was out of black ink so it printed in a green color.  Thinking nothing of it, we signed the papers and emailed them that night. The next morning, our agent called to say they would not accept it with green ink.  So I made a trip to FedEx to make a copy in black and emailed it again. Now it was too faded for them to accept. SO we got black ink, had to wait for Tom to get home from work so he could re-sign the paperwork and sent it back over late that evening since T didn't get home until 7:30pm.  As I was emailing it over, I was reviewing the listing online again...and it was pending! WHAT?! It seriously had just come on the market the day before.  I texted our agent and asked about it.  He was surprised since he had called the listing agent that morning to tell her we were sending an offer. They didn't even wait to get our offer before they accepted another one.  Well, this is mean but I hope the offer they accepted was far less than our offer.

Our agent said he would still send our offer and ask them to keep it as a back-up.  Well I got an email from him today saying the listing agent said they don't keep back-ups.  So if the deal fell through and the house went back on the market we would just have to notice to re-offer.  I'm pretty much not even interested in the property anymore. Nobody wants to deal with nasty business people like that.

We have basically been sitting around waiting.
Waiting for people to sell their houses.
There is absolutely nothing on the market in our price range that we are interested in.
Tired of waiting, I decided to branch out and look at areas we haven't considered.
I wondered if we moved farther away from the heart of Sacramento what we could get for our money.
A lot more, I tell you.
Guess what I found?
A brand new-construction house
just 30 minutes from our ideal area
in our price range.
I called the sales office to see if there was HOA or mello-roos.
No HOA, $50/month mello-roos. Not bad!
And guess what else she told me?
There is one lot left...for the model we would want!
I wanted to jump in the car and speed down there immediately.
But I don't have the car today.
So I'm anxiously waiting for my mother to wake up from her power-nap
so maybe she will come with me in her car?

Until I have real pictures, this will have to satisfy you:


First floor
Second floor.

Seriously. This has all of my must-haves.
And it's brand-spanking new.
I'm too excited.

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