Jack Jack: 4 months!

Baby Jack is 4 months old!
Time flies.
Today we had his 4 month checkup.
These are his stats:
17lb 13oz (90%)
26" long (88%)
He is slowing down in growth since he used to be in the 98th percentile but he is still a big boy!
Dr. Nutting said Jack is very healthy.  He said his motor skills are very good and he can hold his head up really well. He said most babies start to roll over intentionally at about 5 months so we can start looking forward to a semi-mobile baby in the next month or so!  He also said we can start introducing solid foods starting with rice cereal.  We are going to try some rice cereal tonight and hope Jack sleeps a little longer through the night.

Things about Jack at 4 months old:

He loves playing with his toes
He is very, very ticklish.
His favorite toys are his baby gym, car seat toys, and plastic links.
He loves music.
He likes anything that lights up
[especially the TV].
He loves to see himself in the mirror.

He loves books. Start reading a book with him and he gets so excited.
He pretty much always ends up sleeping in mommy & daddy's bed these days.
He used to sleep through the night but now he wakes up twice each night to nurse and usually Jack & I both fall asleep during a feeding so he ends up staying the whole night in bed with us.
He definitely recognizes people he knows.

He sometimes rolls over tummy to back and has gotten halfway from back to tummy a couple times.
His hair and fingernails grow insanely fast...I have to clip his fingernails twice a week!
He smiles at everybody!
Sometimes he gets so excited when people talk to him he can barely contain himself. His legs and arms go crazy and he can barely catch his breath.
He can sit in his Bumbo chair and he thinks it's pretty fun.
He is liking (or tolerating) tummy time more and more every day.  He can hold his head up very high for a very long time.
He love love love loves bath time!

He outgrew his little bath tub so now we lay him in the real bath with water to his ears and he absolutely loves to kick and splash.

He has a little hematoma on his belly that the doctor said will probably go away in the next year or so.
Whenever we go out people comment on the same things:
His blue, blue eyes
His very long, dark eyelashes
How he looks much older than his age
& what a good baby he is.
Even some of Tom's siblings commented they've never heard Jack cry.  He does cry sometimes but in general, he's super happy & content.  He is so mellow and the easiest baby ever.  We lucked out with this one! :]

[jack wore this one night after spitting up all over his clothes. t said he looks like he's about to run a marathon or retire. haha, i think he's just cute!]

Happy 4 months, Jack Jack! We love to you pieces!

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