Moving on.

We just found out from our agent that we did not get house #11.
We are so bummed.
The more I thought about that one, the more I really liked it.
Our agent said that a lot of times with HomePath houses they will give you a chance to improve your offer if it's not high enough.
Unfortunately, we didn't get that chance and they just accepted another offer.
T is really disappointed that we didn't just offer $150 to start with (16k over asking!).
His dad advised us to but T didn't want to.
Now he wishes we had.
I say lesson learned.
Next time we know to offer far over asking.
I think the thing I am most disappointed about is that we will probably not find another HomePath house which means we will end up paying mortgage insurance which I think is such a waste of money and such a rip-off.
We were so hoping to be able to pay off our student loans a little bit faster.
But. Life moves on and so does the house hunt.
I'm trying to see the positive:
more time to save money
maybe we'll find something even better
[pretty sure the hunt will be even harder now because I have all these things from the two houses we put offers in on that I feel have to be equal or better. yikes.]
more house-hunting diaries for you, my dear readers.
See? It's not all so bad.
We already have an appointment to see another house tonight.
Here's to hoping.

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