House #21

Welcome to House #21

City: Rancho Cordova
Listing Price: $239,900
4 bed/3 bath, 1581 sqft

First of all, this house is a flip.
You should see what it looked like before:

Piece. Of. Trash.

This is the master bedroom.
How crazy is it that the bathroom is completely open to the bedroom?
I have never seen anything like that in my life!

Guest bath.

Okay, now you will have a hard time believing that the following pictures are of the same house a few months later:

Front of house. Pretty cute!

So this is what you see when you walk in the front door.
You walk into the formal living area,
straight ahead is first your dining room
and then your family room with the fireplace.
The kitchen is to the left of the dining room (where that chandelier is).
Off the kitchen is laundry.
Off the family room (to the left)
is a teeny tiny bedroom.
If you go down the hall on the right
you'll find 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
The layout of this house is weird so hopefully that helps you understand the flow...
...if you can call it a flow.

This is the formal living area from the other side of the room.
Why they covered the hardwood floors with carpet I will never understand.

Same room.

Same room from the side of the door.
See the kitchen/dining room?

Okay so it's so weird because you have to walk through the dining room to get to the living room.
And the dining room is not very big.
Basically your table would be right in the middle of your path.
It's so awkward!
Notice minimal cupboard space in the kitchen.
The doorway leads to the laundry room which is a really good size.

See how small the dining room is and how weird it would be to have a table there?

Family room.
Love the ceiling fan.
Love the fireplace.
The doorway leads to one of the guest bedrooms.
It's mini. We would probably use it as the office/craft room.

Family room from another view.

Master bedroom.
Super large and I love that!
But see the closet on the left?
That's the only closet and it's so small!
I think it might be smaller than the closet we have now in the smallest bedroom of my parents' house.
Granted, we wouldn't have to share with Jack anymore...

Master again.
Good size, right?!

Master bath.
I do like the double sinks and storage space.

Master bath again.
Love the shower.

Guest bedroom #2

Guest bedroom #3

...with a bathroom.
Okay, so maybe that's nice
but we seriously do not need that.
We have no use for a second master bedroom.
There will be a child in there who does not need the extra bathroom.
Why could they not have used that space for, say, the linen closet the house is missing?
They completely remodeled this house.
The bathroom space could have gone to better use, in my opinion.

It is a cute bathroom, though.


Okay, so here is the deal with this house.
T randomly stumbled upon it while browsing.
It's listed at $239,000 in a neighborhood where the highest comp within a half mile is $201,000.
It's clearly way overpriced.
It has been on the market 31 days (*overpriced!*).
It was sold in June of this year (5 months ago) for $120,000.
They're dreaming if they think flipping it is going to get them double what they paid for it.

Completely updated
Granite everywhere!
Large master bedroom
Curb appeal
4 bedrooms
Separate living/family rooms
Laundry room
Ceiling fans

Minuscule master closet
No linen closet
No kitchen cabinet space
Awkward layout
They covered the hardwood floors!!
Not the hugest fan of the neighborhood/street

*Okay, so the price. Clearly, we wouldn't pay what they are asking. We aren't even approved for that much. But I don't even think it's worth $200,000 which is $40,000 less than they're asking.  I've seen way cuter/better homes for the same price or less. I doubt they would sell it for around $160,000 which is what I think a house in this neighborhood is worth.

As for neighborhood...
the next-door neighbors on one side had random trash in their yard.
Like an old stuffed chair.
Not a fan.
The house on the other side had been torn down and rebuilt.
It looked kind of like this:
[that style, at least]
It did not fit into the neighborhood at all!

Overall, I just didn't have a good feeling about this one.
Which is really too bad because it had some nice features.
It just was definitely not the one.

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