House #22

City: Mather
Listing Price: $160,000
3 bed/2 bath, 1479 sq ft

Welcome to house #22.
Are you ready for this?
Front of house.
You will not expect what's coming next...

Oh. My. Goodness.
Yes, this is for real.
The house was shown like this.

Guest bedroom #1.
*I didn't get a picture of guest bedroom #2 because the owners were home and there was a kid in there so I didn't want to be awkward. It looks pretty much the same as bed #1.

Guest bath.
Prepare yourself...

Family/dining room combo.
Soooo the pros are...
it's a really big area
especially considering we don't plan to have a dining table
and the kitchen overlooks it, which we all know I love!

Master bedroom.
It's a great size!
PLUS guess what?
There is a walk-in closet and across from that...
another closet!!!
Tom has already agreed he will take the regular closet
and I can have the walk-in
all to myself.
Oh my goodness, my wildest dreams have come true.
A whole walk-in for just me and my clothes.

There are double sinks in here!
(master bath)

Master bath continued.
I promise my shower curtain will be cuter.
And just so you get the full effect...
[grab your puke bucket]


So maybe you are thinking GET OUT and get out fast!
[which, for the record, I did...we were in there maximum 5 minutes].
But just humor me and look at the pro/con list.

Good bones
Kitchen overlooks family room
Good square footage
Good size backyard
Double sinks in master
Large master bedroom
Two (yes, two!) linen closets
Good storage in kitchen
Stainless steel dishwasher/microwave in kitchen
Two closets in master! My heart beats a little faster every time I say that.
Good layout
Good neighborhood/good elementary school
Gas range

The filth.

I'm pretty sure my agent expected me to say "absolutely not interested" as soon as we walked out.
Instead I said "I want it."
Call me crazy if you want but I can see the potential.
All this place needs is a little lot of elbow grease,
rip out all the flooring
[yay for new floors I pick myself!]
new paint
[yay for new paint!]
replace toilets.
And it will look brand-spanking new.
To be completely honest, getting into this house and completely changing it into something new is so exciting to me. Can you imagine the before & after pictures? I love before & afters!
My mom & I both agreed this house is perfect minus the filth.
What I'm hoping is that other people who see it can't see past the mess.
I hope the walk in and walk right back out and don't even consider making an offer.
Our agent thinks he can get this place for us at asking price.
He's going to touch base with the listing agent and see what we're up against.
Any other offers?
This will be offer #10.
I hope we get it!
Anybody and everybody is invited to our cleaning party if we get it.
Who's in? :]

PS. when I showed my little sister these pictures she gasped.
when I showed my dad he said "oh my gosh" in the most disgusted tone I think I've ever heard.
When I told him we were making an offer, he thought I was kidding.
I had to say "no, seriously," about five times.
It's that bad.

*Update: our agent texted us the night before offers were going to be presented and let us know that there were 10 offers.  We decided to improve our offer.  We offered $175,000 and offered to pay the seller's liens of over $2,000.  We also had our lender call the listing agent since they're good friends to let him know that there will be no problems with our loan going through.

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  1. SO GROSS! I was drinking a smoothie when I saw that toilet picture. Safe to say, I'm not drinking it anymore. ha.
    p.s. LOVE your new blog design!


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