The disappointment is never ending.
We were just turned down for our offer on house #20.
Surprisingly, I didn't cry.
[or at least I haven't yet].
I've come to just expect that we won't get a house, I guess.
That is 9 offers in, 9 offers turned down.
It's getting a little bit ridiculous.

Our realtor said he thinks our only hope is to do all of the following:

  • Get a bigger credit from the lender and tell the seller we will pay title & escrow.
  • Waive the appraisal contingency (we will just get an appraisal before the inspection period ends, instead)
  • Print a copy of our bank statement to prove we have the funds for a down payment and include it with our offers (usually this is only done on cash deals but clearly we need something extra)
In our agent's own words:
"At this point your only other option is the win the lottery and pay cash."

Anybody want to lend us $200,000ish?

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