PwC [Kids'] Christmas Party

A random start to this post...
on our way out tonight we saw this crazy [cloud?].
Can you see it coming straight down all twisty-like?
If you look closely
then you will see it turn toward the bottom.
Neither T nor I have ever seen anything like it.

Tonight was the PwC kids' Christmas party.
T was volunteered to dress up as an elf.
He was a super good sport about it
and he was definitely the most handsome elf I've ever met :]
The bummer part about him being an elf was that I barely got to see him all evening.
And since I was holding Jack in one arm and my diaper bag in the other
[and there was only one table which was taken up by all the kids]
I couldn't eat until he finished his elf duties.
By then the pizza was cold.
[but there was a microwave so I heated it up.]
Jack Jack got to meet Santa Claus
and he slept through the whole thing!

He woke up a few minutes later so he got to take a picture with one of Santa's elves.
This elf looks suspiciously like Daddy :]

These were my conversations tonight
[these are the same conversations I have whenever Jack is meeting new people]:

Person: How old is he?
Me: 4 months
Person: *starts smiling and nodding then jaw drops* Did you say four months?
Me: *laughs* Yes, he's a big boy!
Person: He's huge! How big was he when he was born?
Me: 9-1
Person: *jaw drops even more if that's even possible* But you are so tiny!!
[this comment always makes me feel especially proud.
During the two hours I spent delivering Jack, I never imagined I would receive so many compliments on my accomplishment of a vaginal delivery. But, thank you strangers. Now I'm not sorry I had to deliver such a big baby. It's become one of my shining moments.]
*Pretty sure I had this same conversation at least five times tonight.
There was one baby there who was 9 months old and he was maybe two pounds bigger than Jack.
Someone asked who was older and pointed to Jack and said, "this one?"

Another person [plus several more people]: Wow, he is such a good baby! Does he ever cry?
I hear that a lot. The answer is yes. He does cry sometimes. He is a baby, after all.
One person even expressed they hoped their babies were just like Jack.
I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a sweet baby but I'm not complaining!

I did have two firsts tonight.
One woman told me that Jack is the most perfect Gerber baby she has ever seen.
My heart melted.

And then I had this conversation with a little girl named Makayla (McKayla, MaKayla?)
who will be 10 this weekend*:
Makayla: Aww, your baby is so adorable!
Me: Thanks!
Makayla [to Jack]: Hi! You are so cute!
Jack: Goo.
Makayla: He looks like he's going to be very smart.
Me: Well, thanks.
Makayla: I can usually tell. I can see it in people's eyes.

Well, she is probably right.
Jack Jack's daddy is the smartest person I know.
Even if Jack has just 1/4 of Daddy's smart genes
he will still be brilliant.
Lucky baby!

*I overheard MaKayla tell somebody that and it seemed very important to her so I thought I should let you know that she is not just 9 but not yet 10.

I'm calling tonight a success
[even though Jack missed the real experience of Santa Claus
and I spent most of the party with myself and a sleeping baby]
 since it ended with a trip into Macy's to buy something so we could validate our parking :]
[if you are going to pay $8 for parking you might as well put it toward something you get to take home, right? that's how we see it, at least.]
We left with a super cute something that will become one of my Christmas gifts.
You will have to wait until Christmas to find out what it is.
It has to be a surprise to somebody!

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