What We Wear Wednesday


Top: H&M
[quite possibly my very favorite store]
This shirt cost me only $3 out of pocket.
I had a $10 gift card from Wrapp
[if you don't have that app, get it!]
and the shirt was originally only 12.95.
What's not to love about h&m?
Jeans: GAP outlet
Belt: Borrowed from my sister.
*it's probably from Charlotte Russe.
It's the best shoe store but it's only in Utah :[
It might be the thing I miss the most about Utah.

*side note: if all my jewelry wasn't packed away in my parents' garage, I would have worn a gold bracelet [or gold bangles] with this outfit.

Jack Jack

Top: babyGap outlet
[he wears this at least once a week.
it's the only sweater he currently has.
there are several more coming at Christmas
but until'll be seeing this in blog pictures a lot.]
Jeans: babyGap outlet

Happy Wednesday!

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