What We Wear Wednesdays's 11:06pm but that means I still have 54 minutes until Wednesday is officially over.
Excuse my lack of posts.
First of all, there are no houses on the market right now due to Christmas.
Second of all, T is off work and Ryan & Rachel are visiting
so I'm choosing spending time with family over blogging.
I promise I'll catch up.

Top: Forever21.
Christmas gift from yesterday from the hubs :]
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Forever Young
Headband: Forever21
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Excuse the red eyes.
My photo editing software just would not cooperate tonight.

Jack Jack
 Diaper: Huggies
Socks: Hand-me-downs

He was in a terrible, tired, crying mood right before we took this picture.
So I was just going to skip his outfit tonight and get him in pajamas and straight to bed.
But then he cheered up for a minute so I thought we could take a picture in his cutest outfit of all!

Merry Christmas yesterday!
Hope you are all enjoying your vacations!
We sure are!

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