Christmas Festivities

Friday, December 27, 2013

So while I've been MIA from the blogging world, we have been enjoying so many Christmas festivities!

We saw the Christmas lights on Agena Court which is pretty much a must-do every year. Every house is DECKED out and it's crazy how many people come to look at them. We took Jack last year but he didn't really get it. This time he was a bit more enthralled.

We did our annual Christmas caroling with the Wallace clan. The kids LOVE this tradition! It's so fun!

We went to our church Christmas breakfast and Santa Claus came for a visit!
Jack Jack was so excited to see him at first and waved hello to him but once we put him on Santa's lap he was a little unsure. He has this new thing where he pulls at his hair when he's nervous or shy. You'll see plenty of it in these Santa pictures ha!

A couple weeks ago we went to PwC's family Christmas party which the littles are invited to.  The next weekend T & I got a night away for the adult Christmas party.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  It was a fun date night with my very favorite man :]

Of course I first had to take pictures with my favorite little man before we left him with Grandma & Grandpa for the evening.
That little face!

Shameless selfie in the party destination lobby.
Okay, so it wasn't completely shameless.
When I heard someone coming down the elevator I quickly sat down. Haha!
They had a fun photo booth at the party and apparently I'm kind of photo booth retarded.

Even though Tom really didn't want to go back to the photo booth I made him.
I had to have pictures where I looked a little less photo booth handicapped.

When the "dance" part of the party started they handed out these really fun light up orbs. We weren't going to stay for the partying but we knew we had to grab some of those for Jack. So we did. And he loved them just as much as we thought he would.

He could run around in the dark with those things forever!

We do a Christmas advent of opening a Christmas book every night for the first 24 nights of December. Then we read the book as a family before bed. Jack LOVES opening the books every night and even though he doesn't sit still while we read them, it's still a fun tradition.

 Here's to hoping your holiday season was filled with lots of fun traditions!

A mini random update.

This is one of those random update blog posts.
But it's a mini one, I promise.

Jack Jack thinks it's cool to try on my suntan goggles.
It's fine, I haven't used them in years anyway.

We picked up THIS GIRL from the Oakland airport for the holidays!
Sooo happy to have Aunt Jamie in town for a couple weeks!
Seriously, I was SO excited to see this girl's cute face!

Jack seriously LOVES Daddy and wants to do everything Daddy does.
I'm pretty sure he thought he was actually playing Guitar Hero.

Look at that concentration!

Came across this picture of me and the little sis and I seriously love it haha!
Disneyland, so many years ago.

Two missionaries for our church live with my parents.
For Christmas they got a TON of candy in packages from their family and friends back home.  One of the Elders got these HUGE Reese's Peanut Butter cups and decided to donate them to the community candy bowl for everyone to share. If you knew my obsession with Reese's, you would know how excited I was! Seriously, look how HUGE these things are!

Heaven in my hand.
Don't worry, I sliced it up and only had a small piece.
A very delicious small piece!

Leatherby's is pretty much always a must whenever someone is visiting.
My sisters are both in town as is my aunt from San Diego.
So Leatherby's it was.
And it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of our ice cream but just look how much Jack Jack loves Grandpa!

 PS that Raiders sweatshirt was a Christmas present and Jack loves it.
Even though it has no picture of a football he somehow knows that the Raiders logo means football.
So all day he pointed at it and said "butball, butball!"
Daddy has trained him well.
Our little sports lover, I tell you.

35 & 36


At 35 weeks:

-Turning over in bed is becoming quite difficult! The baby is so big in there!
-I've suddenly been getting up to use the bathroom at night 10x more than before. Okay, that's exaggerating a bit but I was only getting up once a night (on average) and suddenly I've been needing to get up 3-4 times  a night. And when I wake up it's like I don't even know if I'm going to make it to the bathroom (which is 10 feet away) because I have to go THAT bad. Haha!
-TWICE I came close to passing out. Once I was at the hospital visiting my grandpa and suddenly got very light headed while standing by his bed.  Everything went black for a few seconds and I had to sit down right away. I felt a little woozy for the rest of the night.  The second time I was doing my makeup and, again, I suddenly got very lightheaded, vision started blurring and I felt dizzy.  So I hurried to sit down on my bed before I passed out! I'm pretty sure I have a bad habit of locking my knees when I stand in one place for too long.
-I got another cold which is SO annoying. It's #4 for this pregnancy. Colds when you're pregnant are the worst because there is nothing you can take for them! Plus I've been coughing like crazy and it's so hard to not pee your pants when you cough while pregnant haha! TMI?

And, of course, a side-by-side. Left is me with Jack and 35 weeks. Right is 35 weeks now.

At 36 weeks...

-Home stretch! Last month! Now at the point where I'm seeing the doctor on a weekly basis!
-At my 36 week appointment my BP was 112/68, weight is +24 overall (gained 1 lb in the last two weeks), baby's heart beat sounds great!
-Baby is head down! Good news.
-Doctor wants to induce at 39 weeks if my cervix is ripe and ready! They want to avoid a problem of delivering a large baby. When the doctor felt my belly he said "You appear small but I think that's ALL baby in there!" I think he's thinking I might have another big one baking. I'm hoping for a seven pounder but we shall see.
-I'm 1cm dilated and still thick.

-I've had some back cramping on and off but nothing regular.
-I also had some front contractions for about an hour on the way home from picking my little sister up from the Oakland airport. But again - nothing regular.

-The baby is starting to feel REALLY heavy in my pelvis. I'm hoping this means his head is engaging and he's getting ready to exit that comfy womb!

-I'm feeling ready to not be pregnant anymore but I'm not so sure I'm actually ready for the baby yet.  We still need to get Jack's new room ready! And pull out all the newborn stuff. And pack our hospital bags. HA. Basically, we've done nothing to prepare. And we are just 3 weeks and 2 days away from my due date!

Just a few more pregnancy updates to go and then little man #2 should be here!

Grandpa Davis

My sweet, dear Grandpa passed away last week after being on life support for 12 days.
He suffered a massive heart attack on Saturday, December 7 and it was finally determined on Thursday, December 19 that he did not have any brain activity.  For that reason, the decision was made to have him removed from life support that night and he passed early in the morning on December 20th.

It has been hard to lose another one of my hero's after just losing my father-in-law (also to a sudden, massive heart attack) just six weeks ago.  However, I am comforted by my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and that I will see my grandpa again one day.  I know he is happy on the other side of the veil.  I know he has been reunited with his son that he lost to cancer 20 years ago.  I know he has been reunited with his parents. I know that he is still with us in spirit.  My heart aches for our loss but I have faith in Heavenly Father's plan for us and know that it was his time to return home.

We made my grandma a book of remembrance of my grandpa for Christmas.  Each of my siblings and I included some words of remembrance.  I decided to write and include the following.  Maybe it will give you some insight into the type of man my grandpa was:

Grandpa of Mine

A grandpa so loving
So tender and kind.
A man of great valor,
this Grandpa of mine.

A grandpa so funny
so playful, so fun.
His smile so bright
it outshone the sun.

A grandpa so caring
So willing to serve.
He loved us immeasurably
without any reserve.

A husband so loyal
A father so proud.
A man to compare
is hard to be found.

A life lived with purpose
with many worthwhile goals.
Surely God will be pleased
and welcome him to His fold.

We'll miss our dear grandpa
but these memories we'll hold
so deep in our hearts
they'll never dissolve.

And while we'll miss this sweet grandpa
Truth, be it told:
He's returned home to heaven
and found his reward.


So I'm pretty sure I'm the worst blogger in the history of bloggers.
I just keep falling behind!
Then I catch up, then I fall behind.
It's really annoying.
But seriously it would be really helpful if we had a working computer at home.
*hint: hubby, can we please (pretty please!) get our computer up and running?!

Anyway. Besides the inconvenience of not having a computer at home, we've all been quite sickly.
It all started with Jack a little over a week ago. Runny nose, then fever with a nasty cough.

  Took him into the pediatrician and turns out he had croup. So we got him some anti-inflammatory meds to help him sleep better at night but this darn virus is lasting forever.

He passed his cold onto me the day after he got it.  Fever, chills, stuffy nose, sinus headaches, body aches, cough, sore throat. I've pretty much had it all. We've passed the one week mark and I'm STILL feeling pretty unwell. I've had a sinus headache for over 24 hours straight! And being pregnant there's barely anything you can take. Tylenol just doesn't do it.
And then poor T came down with the virus. Now he's going through everything we already have: fever, chills, cough, sore throat, headaches. Blah blah blah!
Luckily, no stomach flu around here which I'm grateful for because I know it's going around!

We really should probably be spending our days resting up but with the holidays there is just so much family around that we've been kept busy!

Our poor little Jack Jack was just not himself for several days.  There was a lot of whining and a lot of tears and many sad, sad faces. 

Even though he's still getting over the cough and runny nose, he's pretty much back to his regular, happy self and we are SO happy for that!


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