Our Texas Adventures: Alligator Park

Thursday, January 31, 2013

So in Texas there's a state park called Brazos State Park.
In this state park they have an alligator park.
Basically there's a huge marshy area
which is like the alligator mecca.
And someone decided it would be brilliant to build a trail around the marshy area
then let visitors walk around and look at the alligators.
It's really kind of dangerous.
But we went anyway...
and brought four children along.
At first we only saw alligators really far away
like this.
There was lots of water separating people from alligators.
We almost needed binoculars to see them.

But then we saw an alligator on the land on our side of the water!
I got a glimpse from far away but was feeding Jack so I couldn't walk right by like everyone else.
By the time Jack Jack & I got there, he was swimming away.
But it was fun to see one in the water!

Jack fell asleep and missed the alligator action.

When we were almost at the end of the trail
we saw an alligator practically ON the trail.

We walked way on the other edge of the trail to give him his space.
But did you know alligators can move at 30mph?
That is FAST.

My Uncle Mark had to put Max on his shoulders to walk by the alligator.
You never know when a two-year old might decide he wants to pet it.
Especially since before we ventured out to the open alligator area we got to pet this little guy in the exhibit area:

Seriously, though.
LOOK at this monster!

Yes, we were THAT close.
Okay, so maybe I zoomed in a little bit.
But we really were freakishly close.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the alligator park
but mostly...I'm happy to still be alive.

What We Wear Wednesdays

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So I did not plan to use this poor-quality phone picture for my post this week but I'm out of town (having a blast in Texas!) with no access to a computer so it's all I've got! Better pictures to come when I return home :)


Plaid shirt: Hollister
Grey cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: second-hand from Plato's Closet
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Polo onesie: Baby Gap
Jeans: H&M

Our Texas Adventures: Houston Temple

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's just good sense:
If you're visiting a city with a temple, you go see the temple and take pictures!
Every temple is so gorgeous and unique.

PS It was raining so poor Jack is wet and unsure of the rain.

PS2 I promise I'm not an awful mom.
It was still really hot even though it was raining
and that's why Jack is wearing a romper.

If you are interested in learning more about LDS temples, click here.

Our Texas Adventures: The Children's Museum

My sister & I took our littles to the Houston Children's Museum.
My sister has a children's museum pass that gets her into dozens of museums around the nation.
Since the pass is for two adults and two kids we all got in for free!
[Jack and Nathan don't count since they are free anyway].
Even though Jack is too little to enjoy much of the stuff
we still had a really great time!

Jack Jack LOVED the fishies in the aquarium.
Pretty sure he could have sat here all day.

Jack & Nathan played at the train table together.
They kept stealing trains from each other haha.

It was so much fun to get to spend the day/week with my sister.
I SO wish she would move closer! next door? :]

PS Look at these chunky baby thighs!

Our Texas Adventures: The Park!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Because we chose to visit family in the off-season
[ie they are all in school/work/no vacation]
we entertained ourselves sometimes.
One day my mom, sister & I took the littles to the park.

Jack Jack absolutely loves the swings.

Jack & Nathan swinging together.
Aren't they so cute!?

Emma is the sweetest cousin ever.
She took Jack down the slide a couple times...

...and pushed him in the swing!

PS Not only is she the sweetest little girl
but look how adorable she is!
Love this sweet girl!

Our Texas Adventure: Horses

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jack Jack & I took a random vacation to Texas with my mom.
We had found Southwest airline tickets for 40% off.
We could choose a lot of destinations.
After considering a few options we settled on Texas.
Two of my uncles & their families live in the Houston area
and we rarely see them so we thought it would be a fun mini family reunion.
And bonus! My sister and her three cute littles drove from Kansas and met us there!
We did SO many fun things and had a great time.
There are too many things to write about in one post so I'll be splitting them up.

Our first Texas adventure?
My cousin, Lydia, owns two horses.
Okay, well technically her whole family owns them but they're mostly Lydia's.
We got to ride them several times and it was SO fun!

My sister, Laurin. Pretty sure this is when Montana bucked her.
She didn't want to ride him again after that.

Laurin on Dakota

Laurin with Montana

My mom only rode Dakota because she's a super tame & obedient horse.
And my mom despised any sort of trotting.
Haha, all walking for her.

My nephew, Max, and I took a ride with my Uncle Paul and cute little cousin, George.
Uncle Paul thought it would be fun to take the horses off the horse trail and into the woods.
It was an adventure, to say the least.
Let's just say the horses have no care for anyone on their backs.
We hit all kinds of branches and trees in that forest.
Little Max learned to duck really quickly and cover his face when we were about to hit branches.
Max was cracking me up the whole ride. He's 2 and hilarious.
Some of my favorites:

We were trotting then slowed the horses to a walk.
Max: This is sloooow.

Once when we ran into the trees a few branches broke off and one of them came with us.
Max (super excited): "Hey! We got a stick!"

Max: Oh no, you ok? Ok.
Me: Are you okay?
Max: Yeah, the horsey got hurt. But she's okay.
HAHA. So happy he can speak horse language.
PS. Pretty sure the horse just broke a branch under her hoof but apparently Max thought it must have hurt her.

Uncle Paul & I were discussing how we were a little lost.
Max: Are we lost?
Me: Yep. We're trying to find the trail.
Max: It's like a treasure hunt!!

As cute and funny as this little boy is,
I think I'm in for it with having my own little boy.
As the adults were riding horses in the pasture
the two boys decided to play in the mud.
The result:

Oh and PS...YES, he ATE the mud!

Maybe Jack Jack won't like the mud?
Fat chance.
Even clean, girly little Emma went for a dive in the mud pit
...although she did regret it later.

Pearly whites

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jack Jack is getting his pearly whites!!
Okay, just one barely poking through
It's a tooth and so exciting!
Never knew I could be so excited about one tiny little tooth.
I'm THAT mom.

Yay jack jack!

PS you can't see it, I can just feel it.

Our Texas Adventures: The Flight

Little Jack Jack did great on our flight to Texas!

We didn't pay for a seat for him but since the plane wasn't even close to full
they let us bring his car seat on
and he got his very own seat!

It ended up working out really well.
He loved sitting in his car seat and looking out the window.

And when he got tired he had his own little place to sleep.

Not sure how I got so lucky with such an easy-going baby but I love it!

What We Wear Wednesdays

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My outfit this week was Pinterest inspired:

I love her outfit a lot but it's not my usual style.
I thought I'd try it anyway.
It ended up working out with a few alterations.


White shirt: Gap
Button-up plaid: Target
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Jeggings: Paris Blues from Ross
Boots: Forever Young


Track jacket: Hand-me-down Gap
Track pants: Gifted

Our little future athlete couldn't possibly be any cuter.

PS As I was sorting through the pictures deciding which ones to use, I noticed Jack Jack has a habit of sticking his tongue out for the camera. Check this out:

Happy Wednesday!


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