A trip to the park

The weather was absolutely beautiful today
so Jack Jack & I took a walk to the park.
We put Jack in a swing a couple months ago
and he didn't like it or dislike it.
He just didn't really care.
I thought I'd try again today.
This is what I got:


I took about a million pictures because I'm the mom and that's what moms do.
Jack seriously loved every minute of the swings.
We will have to go back on a Saturday when Daddy can come with us.
I also took Jack down the slide.
I tried to get a picture before we went down but I didn't realize my camera was on video mode. Fail.
You can pretend this is the picture of us at the top of the slide:

I didn't think to check whether there was water at the bottom of the slide.
There was.
My bum got soaked.
Second fail.
Jack didn't care either way about the slide.
He just wanted to swing some more.
I let him, of course.

It was such a bright & sunny day...
we LOVE living in California!

I wish we could have stayed all afternoon but Jack Jack needed an afternoon nap.
Next time I'm going to plan better.
I'll bring a great big blanket to lay out on the lawn
and a good book.
Jack will take his afternoon nap on the picnic blanket
while I soak up the sun and read :]
...or maybe I will just Pinterest.
Either way, that is the plan for the next sunny day.

Someone got very sleepy on the walk home.

By the time we made it back, he was fast asleep.
Book in hand, of course...he always falls asleep holding his toys.

Being a stay at home mommy is the best.
I love spending my days with this little.


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