House #26

Welcome to House #26!

City: Rancho Cordova
Capital Village Subdivision
Listing Price: $170,000
3 Bed/2.5 Bath
1567 sq feet

Front of house.
[no, that heart is not really on the house. I just don't want my address floating around the web incase we end up with this house!]

View from the front door.
Carpet needs to be replaced.
The kitchen is to your left, stairs to the right.
The door straight ahead goes to the garage.

View from family room.
That door you see is the front door.
Notice the kitchen is not open like I want...
but it's still semi-open and it'll have to do.

Another view from living room.
The door by the stairs is under-stairs storage.
See the blue at the top of the stairs?
That's a bathroom.
It's in the weirdest spot.

Bathroom with the door shut.
Seriously, so strange.

Granite counters? Yes, please!

Minimal storage space? Boo.

Eat-in kitchen area.

Half bath halfway up the stairs.

View from top of stairs.

Whoever lived here really had fun with paint colors.
If we get this house that wall is being painted over ASAP.

When you get to the top of the stairs you have this weird space.
It's too small to really be very useful
but too large to be considered a hallway.
We'd probably just put the computer under the windows and at least that saves us a room when we have more kids.
The open door is the master.

This is the worst picture but the room is a good size.

Master again with view of bathroom.

Master bath.

I just had to take extra pictures of the master bath storage because it's unreal.
I've never had this much bathroom storage and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite part of the house.
Count the drawers. 8 here and then...

4 more! 12 drawers! Plus cupboards. I was in heaven when I saw this.

Linen closet in master bath.
To the left is the toilet.
To the right is the closet.

Walk-in. Love.

Laundry room.

Guest bedroom #1.

Guest bedroom #2.

Guest bath.

Patio aka backyard.
Yep, that's it.

The 2 car garage is in the back. Hello, alleyway.

Double Sinks in master
Master bath storage
Large master bath
[basically I just love the master bath]
Large master bedroom.
Large laundry room.
Good size bedrooms.
Granite in kitchen.
Under-the-stairs storage
2.5 bath
Ideal city & neighborhood
Walk-in closet in master
Gas range

All carpeting needs to be replaced
[hello, laminate?]
Kitchen not completely open to living area
Limited kitchen cupboard space + no pantry :[
Doesn't get as much sunlight as I'd like since the houses are so close together.
$32/month HOA...but that's pennies compared to the $170/month HOA for the townhouses next door to this house!

Overall, we LOVE this house!
It's a HUD home so...
1. The government owns it. A HUD home is home that has been foreclosed on an FHA loan.
2. It has already been appraised and listed at the appraised value ($170,000 in this case)
3. Owner/occupants (us!) have the first opportunity to make offers.
Then, after a certain time frame has passed, investors can make offers.

No bank will give you a loan over what a house appraises for.  If we offer anything over the listing price (aka appraisal value) we will have to pay the difference out of pocket.  We love the house but we have to decide how much money out of pocket we a) HAVE and b) are willing to pay.

The bidding closes on January 21...I'll let you know how it goes.

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