House Hunting: Seeing the Potential

Once upon a house-hunting time, we saw this disgustingly dirty house.
A few weeks later we saw this super cute, immaculate house.
Guess what? They are the exact same floor plan.
We made offers on both because we saw the potential in the first house
and in the second house, everything we imagined we could do had already been done.
I created collages of before/afters of the two houses.
They're really two different houses but it gives you the idea of what house #1 would have looked like once someone put some work into it and cleaned it up.

...Can you even believe it?

The pictures speak for themselves.
Don't be scared off by a house that is just messy and dirty.
Imagine what it can look like once it's clean with a fresh coat of paint and your own personal touch.
The same goes for a house that has outdated furniture.
Sometimes it's hard to picture yourself there because it's an "old lady" house.
But try to look past that and mentally place your own furniture there.
The best part? You can probably get a great deal if you aren't afraid of a little hard work.
The "before" house was listed at $160,000.
The "after" house was listed just a few weeks later at $209,000.
Remember - same neighborhood, same floor plan, same finishes.
Happy House Hunting!

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