House Hunting: An Update

So I haven't been posting much about house-hunting.
That's because not much has been happening.
We've put two offers in since I last posted.
But we didn't actually see either of the two homes.
We can't even remember what the first of the two was that we put an offer on.
We only remember we didn't get it.
But we didn't think we would anyway so we weren't too disappointed.
Just a few days ago we put an offer in on this house:

It's in a cute little development in Rancho Cordova called SunRidge.
The house was listed at 184,600 and was a price-approved short sale.
That means the bank already said they would accept 184,600.
We offered 190,000.
Our realtor warned us that the same models were selling for upwards of $230,000.
We offered anyway. What can it hurt?
Well. Today it went pending...for $230,000.
In T's words "I guess that wasn't our miracle house."
Guess not.

In very sad news, this house that we loved officially sold the other day.
For its listing price of $199,000.
We offered $210,000, included a letter to the sellers with a picture of our family and tripled our deposit amount.
How is this possible!?
It seems like sellers just really despise us.
We can't figure it out.

We find hope in knowing that God has a plan for us
and that what he has in store is sure to be exactly what we need.
That said, we are really praying to find a house soon.
We love living here with my family 
but we outgrew the little bedroom downstairs the day we moved in.

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  1. Ugh, I know the feeling exactly. We're house hunting as well and living with family. Some days I would just take any house so long as the offer went through and it could get us a place of our own.


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