Morning Run

Jack Jack & I go on a morning run 6 days a week.
I've said it before and I'll say it again -
my jogging stroller is one of the best baby purchases I've made.
I highly recommend one.
Normally, Jack sits in his carseat which clips into the stroller

but today I just buckled him straight into the stroller

I can't believe how grown-up he looks!
Jack liked it [despite his face in this picture]
but I don't think we'll be doing it again soon for two reasons:
1] I'm in denial that he's now an infant and not a baby-baby
2] He's facing away from me which means I can't look at him and talk to him while I run which is sad
and much more lonely.

On Saturday I let our smaller [but not small] dog come on a run with us.
It was a disaster.
I felt bad that one dog got to go but the other didn't
so today I let this beast come along:

He looks obedient in these pictures but don't be fooled.
He's older than Rosie so sometimes he is easier to walk...
not because he is wiser but just because he doesn't have as much energy.
I said sometimes.
Today he was the most awful. dog. ever.
The stroller almost tipped over probably 10 times from Strider dragging me to some bush or tree.
We spent most of our disastrous, zigzagging nightmare run like this:

My arm nearly being pulled out of my socket.
Needless to say, neither Rosie nor Strider will be joining us on another run anytime soon.

Apparently this cutie didn't mind the pandemonium.

PS I'll admit that some days I miss Utah
but when I check the weather before I go for a run and see this
I'm so happy that I live in California
and don't have to worry about Jack getting frostbite on our run.

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