Our current living quarters

Living with my parents [and my little brother & sister] while we house-hunt is awesome for several reasons.
1] We're saving the mulah.
2] Jack Jack gets tons of attention.
3] I don't have to cook dinner every night...
I really should cook more often.
4] I'm not super lonely at night when T doesn't get home from work until 10:30pm M-Th
5] There are lots of cars to borrow if I need to go somewhere.
We only have one car and T takes it to work.
I could drop him off and have it if I wanted to but then I would have to go pick him up at 10pm.
6] Jamie encourages my stretching every day.
I'm trying to do the splits. I'd appreciate any flexible thoughts sent my way :]
7] I get to go out to lunch with my mom & dad a lot.
For free.
I just share my mom's food. Half a serving is plenty for each of us.

There is just one major drawback to not having your own place.
Lack. Of. Space.
Like a serious lack of space.
When two adults and one baby share a regular sized room it's a disaster.
I thought I'd show your our current living quarters.


Jack's real crib
[which we've never even taken out of the box]
is so cute but it definitely will not fit in our tiny bedroom.
So we are borrowing my parents' pack-n-play.
It works but I'm dying to have a nursery!

We seriously just have furniture lining the walls.
Originally I asked my parents if they could take that bookshelf out of the room so we could have more space.
They did and it worked out for a few months but then we started reading books to Jack every night before bed and it was such a pain that his books were all lined up on the floor. They always fell over and were hard to get to, etc.
So we introduced the bookshelf back into the room.
It has been working out great but it just takes up extra space. Boo.

This is our closet space.
T's clothes get the top rack
with a few of Jack's shirts smushed in there on the end.
My shirts/sweaters get the bottom rack
and my dresses get the long section in the middle.
You might think there is more hanging space when you slide those doors over.
But you'd be wrong.

The other half of the closet houses drawers and shelves.
T uses all these drawers with the exception of the bottom one.
Excuse the jumble of stuff of the shelves.

My clothes go in the bed drawers.
This bedroom has super great storage for a guest
which works out since the room is
the guest room.
But for extended guests with a baby...not so much.

Jack's toys get all piled up in that little box in the corner.
I wish I could say those are all the toys we owned
[because I really don't want to turn into a toy collecter]
but I'd be lying.
There are two more boxes of them in the garage.
I figure I can switch them out every now and then
and then it's like Jack always has new toys!
Plus they don't have to take over our room.

The few pieces of jewelry that I didn't stash away in the garage live on this bulletin board.
On the ground.
That's only going to last so long.
Eventually Jack will start crawling and my jewelry will no longer be safe here.

Maybe now you can see why I'd be so super thrilled if our offer was accepted on this place.

My dreams are filled with walk-in closets

and a nursery.

We sign papers to submit our offer tomorrow.
Monday is the deadline for offers to be submitted.
We should find out shortly after that.
Praying, praying, praying!

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