Our Texas Adventures: Alligator Park

So in Texas there's a state park called Brazos State Park.
In this state park they have an alligator park.
Basically there's a huge marshy area
which is like the alligator mecca.
And someone decided it would be brilliant to build a trail around the marshy area
then let visitors walk around and look at the alligators.
It's really kind of dangerous.
But we went anyway...
and brought four children along.
At first we only saw alligators really far away
like this.
There was lots of water separating people from alligators.
We almost needed binoculars to see them.

But then we saw an alligator on the land on our side of the water!
I got a glimpse from far away but was feeding Jack so I couldn't walk right by like everyone else.
By the time Jack Jack & I got there, he was swimming away.
But it was fun to see one in the water!

Jack fell asleep and missed the alligator action.

When we were almost at the end of the trail
we saw an alligator practically ON the trail.

We walked way on the other edge of the trail to give him his space.
But did you know alligators can move at 30mph?
That is FAST.

My Uncle Mark had to put Max on his shoulders to walk by the alligator.
You never know when a two-year old might decide he wants to pet it.
Especially since before we ventured out to the open alligator area we got to pet this little guy in the exhibit area:

Seriously, though.
LOOK at this monster!

Yes, we were THAT close.
Okay, so maybe I zoomed in a little bit.
But we really were freakishly close.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the alligator park
but mostly...I'm happy to still be alive.

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