Pushing Pause

The sad news of the day is that we did not get house #26.
I won't lie...tears were shed.

I told everybody I talked to that I really did not think we would get the house
and I honestly didn't really think we would.
But in my heart of hearts there was still a small hope.
Unfortunately, somebody outbid us once again.

I think we are going to be putting the hunt on pause for a little while.
We might both be out of town the entire month of February
and we are so emotionally exhausted.
I don't even want to put offers in anymore.
I'm happy to wait until Beazer builds their new pretty little homes in Capital Village
which they told me would be either this spring or this fall.
The only problem is we don't know what the starting prices will be.

T told me today that home prices in Sacramento have increased by 35% in the last year.
That's crazy.
I'm hoping they don't keep rising so drastically
and we can buy a new pretty little home sometime later this year.
Then it's just like going into the store and saying
"I want that one."
and you can have it.

I think I will be a frequent flyer the next couple months
until I see a "coming soon" link for the new houses.

Until may or may not be seeing any more house hunting posts.
Can't say I'm sad to not be looking for a little while.

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  1. So sorry!! We know how much you would love to have your own space. There must be something better out there for you. Hope it can be found soon!!!


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