The Frustration!

House hunting is very frustrating for several reasons.

1. Sometimes houses end up selling for just $500 more than you offered.
Like this one.

2. Sometimes listing agents are liars.
Example: We saw this house come up in our email on a street we really like.
It was on the same street as this house which is still probably my favorite house we've seen.
It had a lot of the same features as that house and the pictures online looked cute.
The email of the listing came through on a Monday. I told our agent we wanted to see it right away.  He called the listing agent who said the house would only be open to view the following Saturday from 10am-2pm and then they would review offers that evening. I was so excited all week to see it.  And then on Friday our agent told me that the house had gone pending that morning.  WHAT THE!? So much for reviewing offers Saturday night.  So the listing agent completely lied.  We never got a chance to make an offer or even see the house. Our agent was really frustrated, too.  How can people be so unprofessional?

3. Sometimes houses sell for less than what you offered. Like our favorite.
We really can't figure it out.

4. Sometimes houses sell for $45,400 more than the asking price.
Like this one.

5. Sometimes you make an offer on a completely disgustingly dirty house like this one because you are that desperate.  And then you don't get it.

6. When competing in a seller's market you are up against several buyers almost every single time.  Then the seller asks you to improve your offer and make the best offer you can. Sometimes you just can't improve your offer because your first offer was the best you had. That just happened to us (again) with this one.

Competing in a seller's market really is discouraging.
And stressful.
And frustrating.
And really, really hard.

Fortunately, we honestly believe there is a house out there that we are meant to have.
We believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for us
and that he has a particular place in mind.
And when that place comes along, one of our offers will be accepted.
 And we'll finally have a place to call our own.

Until then, the hunt continues.

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