Wallace FHE + Puppy Love

Tonight we went to the monthly Wallace FHE.
It's so much fun to get together with everyone at least once a month :]
Jack Jack just loves all the attention he gets!
Tonight FHE was at my sister-in-law, Lisa's, house.
We had nachos/tortillas for dinner
then the kids made Valentine's cards for their cousin, Victor, who is serving an LDS Church Mission in Brazil.
We celebrated my SIL, Julie's, birthday
and had delicious cake/brownies/ice cream.

Jack's cousin, Hayden, was so excited to hold Jack even though it only lasted about 30 seconds :]
So, you would never know by their sizes but Hayden is pretty much exactly two years older than Jack
[Jack was born the day before Hayden's 2nd birthday].
Hayden is so tiny and in like the 10th percentile while Jack is ginormous and in the 90th.
My SIL, Holli, just gave me some of Hayden's clothes he outgrew for Jack...
she said he just barely outgrew them but they are Jack's next size! HAHA.
Hayden is Jack's closest in age boy cousin that lives nearby
so I bet these two will be good friends growing up :]

Jack Jack also got tons of love from Lisa's cute dachshund, Rusty.
Mostly all of Rusty's kisses didn't bother Jack at all but he did cry just once.
Good thing he isn't too bothered by dogs because we definitely plan to have one someday!

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