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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[I'm cheating and pre-dating this post.]
This post almost didn't happen.
Okay, that's a little bit of a lie.
I knew I was going to make it work eventually...
but I was definitely tempted more than once to give up.

It was quite an ordeal to get a picture of our outfits today.

First I purposely took pictures after Jack's morning nap
when it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll be extra smiley
plus the outdoor lighting is good.
I took close to a billion pictures.
Then I started sorting through them on my camera
and realized I was NOT wearing what I thought I was wearing!
Haha I got dressed in the semi-dark since I had put Jack down for a nap in our shared bedroom
and I grabbed a black cardi when I thought I was grabbing a navy blue cardi.
Yep. Didn't notice until I was looking at pictures. BAH.
By this point we were headed out the door and had no more time for pictures.
By the time we got back home it was time for Jack's afternoon nap.
Those are always sketchy.
He usually wants to wake up in the middle of the nap and play
and then he realizes he's still cranky.
Finally after the second half of his afternoon nap
we prepped for pictures.
[with the right outfit this time]
This is what I got the first round of pictures


Then all of a sudden this
What is wrong with my camera?!
The most annoying part is that I set the self-timer to take like 10 shots at a time
so I get 10 shots like this before I realize there's a problem.
Then. All Jack wanted to do was try to pull the flowers off my sandals.

Notice my snapping to get him to look up. Haha.

Finally we [kind of] succeeded.
Then I went to post. Started the post then the sister needs the computer for homework.
Finally was able to get back on the computer at 10pm after the brother & sister had used the computer.
Then the brother tells me I can't sign into Google because he is uploading videos to YouTube...
yeah it was going to take close to 3 hours.
I finally gave up and went to bed.
And here I am posting 1 day late.
But if you skip all this mumbo-jumbo and just look at the pictures
you'll never even know because I'm cheating and dating it to yesterday.


Plaid Shirt: Hollister Co.
Cardigan: Forever21
Necklace: Target
Watermelon Jeans: Gap Outlet ($10!)
Sandals: Hancock Fabric [so random!]


Top: Baby Gap Outlet
snatch up the shirt in the first link - it's on sale for $3.50!
Pants: Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Sure do love this baby boy of mine <3

Happy Wednesday!

What We Wear Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Striped Top: American Eagle
Cardi: Charlotte Russe
*mustard yellow is everywhere right now. this should be easy to find*
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Mossimo for Target

Jack Jack
Long sleeve onesie: Carters
Cardi: H&M
Khaki Pants: The Children's Place
Socks: Target

This kid is just so cute, I never know which picture to post.
So then I end up making a collage of most of them
and overloading you with pictures.

PS Today's outfit is Pinspired.

Classroom Rules

...Um, no I don't have a classroom.
But my little sister does!
She teaches high school history/government
and asked me to make her a poster with her classroom rules.
It took me FORever to get around to it...haha, sorry Kel!
But I finally did it this afternoon.
What do you think?

Would you hang this in your classroom?
PS If you're a teacher and want it for your classroom
you have my permission to right click, save and USE!
PS2 Be sure to join this site via Bloglovin'
<---- on the left
so you can have updates.
You know, just in case I post more free printables.
[hint, hint]

PS Remember, you can save these directly to your computer from my blog OR if you are going to print them larger than a 5x7 I recommend downloading them from my shared dropbox Printables folder here.
PPS Remember if you are looking for a specific printable you can request it by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog "Request a free printable."

Psst...Hey friends.
I'm quickly running out of Dropbox space.
In order for me to keep posting lots of free printables I need more space...desperately!
Will you help me?
Click here and get a dropbox account.
Doing so through that link will put me as your referral and I will get more space.
Thanks a million!

Our Chicago Adventures: Giordano's

Friday, February 15, 2013

You just have to have deep dish pizza when you are in Chicago.
It's the law.
[especially when you're a pizza-obsessor like I am.]
My brother recommended Giordano's.

It was to. die. for.
My only complaint would be the slow service.
It took 15 minutes for someone to come to our table and get our drink orders.
Then another 10 to bring our drinks and get our pizza order.
Then 25 for the pizza to come out.
Oh and T hadn't gotten home from work until like 7:30.
So we were starving.

When the food finally did come it was delish!
Garlic cheese bread.

Deep dish pizza.
Pepperoni. Bell peppers. LOTS of cheese. Onions. Mushrooms.

Our Chicago Adventures: Portillos, Alyssa, & the temple

On Sunday we slept in
which is practically unheard of when you have a baby.
We (meaning I) never set an alarm because Jack is our little alarm clock.
We planned to go to church* at 11am
thinking Jack would wake us up in plenty of time to get ready.
Well...he slept in!
So did we!
Luckily we woke up with [kind of] enough time
to get ready and make the 15 minute drive to church.
Okay, so we were a little bit late.

*Let me just say that I love that we can go to church anywhere in the country
[or in another country for that matter!...see crazy long blog post about church in Indonesia!]
and it's exactly the same as church at home.
Besides different faces, everything is the same.
And we feel right at home.

Back on track.
After church we met up with my lovely cousin Alyssa
[who I have not seen since before I was married 4+ years ago!]
at Portillos which is a Chicago-style hot dog place.

It was super packed and had such a fun atmosphere.

T & I both had the classic Chicago-style hot dog which was delish
and we shared the Chocolate Cake Shake which came highly recommended by my brother.
I had to break my sugar fast for that but I did get permission from the boss.
I thought it was divine but T didn't like the cake chunks.

It was so fun catching up with my cousin!
She is in the National Guard and currently stationed in Chicago.
It's too bad she lives so far away - it would be fun to see her more often!

After lunch we drove by the Chicago temple.

Unfortunately, the gates were locked so we couldn't get closer.
Jack Jack was asleep otherwise I would have gotten a picture with us in it.

Jack Jack got a change in routine and Daddy gave him his bath!
It's sad that T has been having to miss out on a lot since he has been working until 10pm every night since October.
Jack loves the limited time he gets to spend with Daddy.

Look at this ridiculously cute face!

Our Chicago Adventures: Lincoln Park Zoo

On Saturday T had to go to work for a few hours.
Jack Jack & I woke up to freezing temperatures
[compared to Sacramento & Texas where we've most recently been!]

I'm used to the cold from living in Utah for 5 years
but Jack Jack has never experienced it!

We started our day with breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Notice my (added) sugar-free breakfast
because of my sugar fast with my sister.

[Believe me, I was tempted to cheat. There were sugary foods galore and they all looked delish.]

I asked my brother what places we should see in Chicago
since he served an LDS mission there.
He suggested the Willis (aka Sears) Tower,  John Hancock Center, Magnificent Mile, Millenium Park, Portillos, Giordanis, and Lincoln Park Zoo.
Because we had super limited time we couldn't go everywhere.
We chose to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo since we knew Jack would like that.

On the way to the zoo we drove by Wrigley Field for the hubs.
No pictures because we didn't even get out of the car!
He just wanted to drive by. I don't get it but okay.
We got a great view of the city driving in:

Only took us about thirty minutes to find a parking spot.
Once we finally found one T asked if I wanted to parallel park.
Let me tell you something: him admitting that I'm better at him than something is a true shocker...every time.
I really am 10x better at parallel parking than he is
only because my grandpa spent hours on end teaching me how when I had my driver's permit.
[He used to be a driving instructor/tester at the DMV so he always practiced with me].

After my phenomenal parking job
[should have snapped a picture]
we took a trek down this icy lane

WITH the stroller.
It was quite the bumpy ride for Jack Jack.
By the way. We saw people running on these icy paths.
If you ask me, it's a recipe for disaster.

Just as we'd hoped, Jack loved the zoo.

We stuck to the animals that moved a lot.
Otherwise he didn't know what he was supposed to be looking at.
Example: we saw this lion on pride rock.

Us: "Look Jack Jack! Look at the lion! A lion says rawrrr!"
Jack looks around everywhere except for at the lion.
Us: *pointing and turning Jack's head* "Jack, look at the lion right there."
Yeah, he never saw the lion.
After that we stuck to monkeys, hyenas, and birds.

Loved watching the monkeys swinging.

So excited!

Seriously. I love my little fam.

Little bugger fell right to sleep on the way out of the zoo.

By the time we left the zoo Jack was pooped.
...and it was too cold to do much else.
So we ended our day in the city & headed back to the hotel.
Jack Jack & Daddy caught up on snuggle and play time.

Guess what I realized?
This is our very first family vacation with just the three of us.
If you can call it a vacation, that is.


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