A Sick Little Boy

When we were in Texas
Jack Jack caught something from his cousin.
He started coughing three days ago.
At first it didn't sound too bad
but then it got worse and worse.
I called the doctor yesterday and after I described his symptoms
 they wanted me to bring him in that afternoon.
We were catching a flight home from Texas yesterday so I scheduled something for today instead.

Jack Jack has his 6 month well-child check on Thursday and I was hoping we could wait for him to be seen then so it would be just one trip to the doctor
but they advised against that.
So we went this morning and good thing we did!
Poor baby has double ear infections, bronchiolitis, and possible asthma.
He was prescribed Amoxicillin for the ear infections
and we have to do nebulizer treatments
3x a day for a week
 to assist with his breathing/wheezing.

Little man fell right to sleep in the doctor's office after his nebulizer treatment.
I guess it helped!

Despite how sick my poor baby must feel he is still [almost] as smiley as ever!

Hoping we are on the road to recovery VERY soon!

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