Our Chicago Adventure

The day we got home from Texas, T flew to Chicago on business...
...for TWO weeks!
Might I mention that his flight departed Sacramento before ours arrived in Sacramento.
So lame.
Jack Jack & I had some business to attend to before we could maybe meet Daddy in Chicago.
Like seeing the doctor...twice. And getting permission from him to fly far away.
The first doctor we saw (the first one available, not Jack's regular doctor) said it was not a good idea to take Jack away from home with how sick he was.
But at our second visit two days later, doctor #2 (Jack's actual doctor) gave us the A-ok!
So T booked a flight to Chicago for us...
on PwC's dime. Bonus!

We headed to Chicago on Friday afternoon.
Jack Jack was an angel on the always.
This is flight #2 with bronchiolitis and two ear infections
and both times he was just his regular, sweet self!
The flight attendants were so sweet.
They told me I could move back a row since there was only one person in it 
so Jack & I could use two seats to spread out.
It was marvelous.
One of the flight attendants took Jack twice
and walked him up and down the aisle.
He loved it and I got a feel squished after holding a baby in tight quarters for a long time. Even if you have two seats to spread out.
We were in the last row so people were always waiting by us to use the bathroom.
Jack loved all the attention he got from the bathroom-waiters.

Jack & I were SO excited to see Daddy when we got to Chicago!
Our first stop?

Although when T asked what I wanted for dinner and I suggested pizza
(my favorite!)
I didn't even think uh hello! we are in the CITY OF PIZZA.
So I randomly called a pizza place and ordered Hawaiian pizza.
Not even thinking of ordering deep dish.
So we ended up with thin crust.
It was still delish.

So excited to experience Chicago!
PS This picture is edited with Picasa to LOOK like a drawing (of the Willis Tower).
So cool, right?!

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