Our Chicago Adventures: Lincoln Park Zoo

On Saturday T had to go to work for a few hours.
Jack Jack & I woke up to freezing temperatures
[compared to Sacramento & Texas where we've most recently been!]

I'm used to the cold from living in Utah for 5 years
but Jack Jack has never experienced it!

We started our day with breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Notice my (added) sugar-free breakfast
because of my sugar fast with my sister.

[Believe me, I was tempted to cheat. There were sugary foods galore and they all looked delish.]

I asked my brother what places we should see in Chicago
since he served an LDS mission there.
He suggested the Willis (aka Sears) Tower,  John Hancock Center, Magnificent Mile, Millenium Park, Portillos, Giordanis, and Lincoln Park Zoo.
Because we had super limited time we couldn't go everywhere.
We chose to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo since we knew Jack would like that.

On the way to the zoo we drove by Wrigley Field for the hubs.
No pictures because we didn't even get out of the car!
He just wanted to drive by. I don't get it but okay.
We got a great view of the city driving in:

Only took us about thirty minutes to find a parking spot.
Once we finally found one T asked if I wanted to parallel park.
Let me tell you something: him admitting that I'm better at him than something is a true shocker...every time.
I really am 10x better at parallel parking than he is
only because my grandpa spent hours on end teaching me how when I had my driver's permit.
[He used to be a driving instructor/tester at the DMV so he always practiced with me].

After my phenomenal parking job
[should have snapped a picture]
we took a trek down this icy lane

WITH the stroller.
It was quite the bumpy ride for Jack Jack.
By the way. We saw people running on these icy paths.
If you ask me, it's a recipe for disaster.

Just as we'd hoped, Jack loved the zoo.

We stuck to the animals that moved a lot.
Otherwise he didn't know what he was supposed to be looking at.
Example: we saw this lion on pride rock.

Us: "Look Jack Jack! Look at the lion! A lion says rawrrr!"
Jack looks around everywhere except for at the lion.
Us: *pointing and turning Jack's head* "Jack, look at the lion right there."
Yeah, he never saw the lion.
After that we stuck to monkeys, hyenas, and birds.

Loved watching the monkeys swinging.

So excited!

Seriously. I love my little fam.

Little bugger fell right to sleep on the way out of the zoo.

By the time we left the zoo Jack was pooped.
...and it was too cold to do much else.
So we ended our day in the city & headed back to the hotel.
Jack Jack & Daddy caught up on snuggle and play time.

Guess what I realized?
This is our very first family vacation with just the three of us.
If you can call it a vacation, that is.

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