Our Chicago Adventures: Portillos, Alyssa, & the temple

On Sunday we slept in
which is practically unheard of when you have a baby.
We (meaning I) never set an alarm because Jack is our little alarm clock.
We planned to go to church* at 11am
thinking Jack would wake us up in plenty of time to get ready.
Well...he slept in!
So did we!
Luckily we woke up with [kind of] enough time
to get ready and make the 15 minute drive to church.
Okay, so we were a little bit late.

*Let me just say that I love that we can go to church anywhere in the country
[or in another country for that matter!...see crazy long blog post about church in Indonesia!]
and it's exactly the same as church at home.
Besides different faces, everything is the same.
And we feel right at home.

Back on track.
After church we met up with my lovely cousin Alyssa
[who I have not seen since before I was married 4+ years ago!]
at Portillos which is a Chicago-style hot dog place.

It was super packed and had such a fun atmosphere.

T & I both had the classic Chicago-style hot dog which was delish
and we shared the Chocolate Cake Shake which came highly recommended by my brother.
I had to break my sugar fast for that but I did get permission from the boss.
I thought it was divine but T didn't like the cake chunks.

It was so fun catching up with my cousin!
She is in the National Guard and currently stationed in Chicago.
It's too bad she lives so far away - it would be fun to see her more often!

After lunch we drove by the Chicago temple.

Unfortunately, the gates were locked so we couldn't get closer.
Jack Jack was asleep otherwise I would have gotten a picture with us in it.

Jack Jack got a change in routine and Daddy gave him his bath!
It's sad that T has been having to miss out on a lot since he has been working until 10pm every night since October.
Jack loves the limited time he gets to spend with Daddy.

Look at this ridiculously cute face!

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