Our Chicago Adventures: Swimming!

I originally wanted to pack my swimsuit for our trip to Chicago.
Just in case. You never know when you might need it.
But I was trying to save space
so I didn't pack my swimsuit.
[Really? Pretty sure I could have stuffed my swimsuit somewhere. How much space does not having it really save?]
Plus T had told me he didn't think the hotel had an indoor pool
and we obviously weren't swimming outdoors in the middle of the winter in CHICAGO.
So. We get to the hotel and guess what?
Indoor pool.
I was so bummed that Jack & I would be stuck in a hotel room for 4.5 days without T
and we could have spent some of that time swimming!

Lucky for me, my husband is the sweetest.
He came back to the hotel at lunch on Tuesday with a new swimsuit for me
and swim diapers for Jack Jack!

so excited!

We spent a little part of every day down at the pool.
Jack LOVED the water.

 I'm soaking up every minute of Jack's baby-ness.

 Besides swimming Jack & I spent most of our time
cuddling/playing/relaxing in the hotel room
or exploring the hotel/hanging out by the fire in the lobby.


  1. such DARLING pictures! You look so pretty!! And I love your outfit with the mint jeans! WHere did you get the sweater?

    1. Thanks! Jai got it for me for Christmas...I think it's from H&M.


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