Our Texas Adventure: Horses

Jack Jack & I took a random vacation to Texas with my mom.
We had found Southwest airline tickets for 40% off.
We could choose a lot of destinations.
After considering a few options we settled on Texas.
Two of my uncles & their families live in the Houston area
and we rarely see them so we thought it would be a fun mini family reunion.
And bonus! My sister and her three cute littles drove from Kansas and met us there!
We did SO many fun things and had a great time.
There are too many things to write about in one post so I'll be splitting them up.

Our first Texas adventure?
My cousin, Lydia, owns two horses.
Okay, well technically her whole family owns them but they're mostly Lydia's.
We got to ride them several times and it was SO fun!

My sister, Laurin. Pretty sure this is when Montana bucked her.
She didn't want to ride him again after that.

Laurin on Dakota

Laurin with Montana

My mom only rode Dakota because she's a super tame & obedient horse.
And my mom despised any sort of trotting.
Haha, all walking for her.

My nephew, Max, and I took a ride with my Uncle Paul and cute little cousin, George.
Uncle Paul thought it would be fun to take the horses off the horse trail and into the woods.
It was an adventure, to say the least.
Let's just say the horses have no care for anyone on their backs.
We hit all kinds of branches and trees in that forest.
Little Max learned to duck really quickly and cover his face when we were about to hit branches.
Max was cracking me up the whole ride. He's 2 and hilarious.
Some of my favorites:

We were trotting then slowed the horses to a walk.
Max: This is sloooow.

Once when we ran into the trees a few branches broke off and one of them came with us.
Max (super excited): "Hey! We got a stick!"

Max: Oh no, you ok? Ok.
Me: Are you okay?
Max: Yeah, the horsey got hurt. But she's okay.
HAHA. So happy he can speak horse language.
PS. Pretty sure the horse just broke a branch under her hoof but apparently Max thought it must have hurt her.

Uncle Paul & I were discussing how we were a little lost.
Max: Are we lost?
Me: Yep. We're trying to find the trail.
Max: It's like a treasure hunt!!

As cute and funny as this little boy is,
I think I'm in for it with having my own little boy.
As the adults were riding horses in the pasture
the two boys decided to play in the mud.
The result:

Oh and PS...YES, he ATE the mud!

Maybe Jack Jack won't like the mud?
Fat chance.
Even clean, girly little Emma went for a dive in the mud pit
...although she did regret it later.

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