Our Texas Adventures: Family Time

The best part about our vacation in Texas?
Spending time with family!
We rarely get to see my aunts, uncles & cousins who live in Texas.
[usually just once every three years at the family reunion]
When I was little everyone lived close to each other
and then people started to move away.
It's so sad to not get to see my cousins/aunts/uncles all the time like I used to!

My super cute aunt. She's probably one of the sweetest and funniest people you will ever meet.

My cousin's dog, Xela.
Jack LOVED her.
I'm hoping it's another convincing point for T so we can get a puppy of our own!

Aunt Laurin & Jack Jack.
Pretty sure Aunt Laurin will be everyone's favorite aunt...
she's so CAH-RAZY which kids love!
Jack Jack loves her already!

My cousin, Stephanie.
Jack fell asleep with a death grip on her phone haha.

If you wanted a super fun, super sweet, super hilarious cousin...
you'd pick Stephanie.
Maybe one day she'll move her bum to sunny California :]
and then I can see her all. the. time.

I love watching Jack play with his cousins.
He's lucky to have lots of cousins on the Wallace side live nearby.
I still wish my sister and her littles could live here too!

Emma is the sweetest big cousin EVER.

Jack & Nathan "played" together
which mostly meant Nathan took Jack's binky
and then tried to put it back in. Haha

I can't wait to see these two together when they're a little bit older.
They are only 7.5 weeks apart...they are going to be best friends!

Don't ask me how I got ZERO pictures with my sister
and ZERO pictures of/with my other cousins/aunt/uncles.

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