Our Texas Adventures: Morning Runs

Unfortunately, I couldn't bring Jack's jogging stroller with us to Texas.
It's too big and bulky to transport.
I thought I'd be able to use the new glorified umbrella stroller I had bought
but then I thought better of it.
PS I returned that stroller, it stinks.
Luckily my sweet sister watched Jack for me most mornings while I went for my run
and my mom/aunt took him on a walk while I completed my full 3 mile run from the C25K program I've been doing.
Thanks, fam :]

While we were in Richmond, I got to run with this beauty:

Can't wait to have a pup of my own!

While we were in Kingwood, I got to run the beautiful Greenbelt trails:

Seriously, if I had one reason to want to live in Texas it would be these trails.
They are gorgeous!
And yes, the picture is blurry because I took it while running.
Like I said up top, I finished my C25K program and ran my final run of the program on this trail.
3 miles in 24:36.
I think that's pretty decent for only 5 weeks of training, 3.5 months post knee-surgery, 6 months post-partum, and after 1 year of minimal exercise due to the knee injury!
My goal time is under 22:00.
If only I could run those greenbelt trails every day!

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