Our Texas Adventures: Superbowl Party!

Jack & I celebrated the superbowl with my mom, aunt, uncle & cousin
in Kingwood, Tx.
I mostly took pictures of the food
cause that's the best part!
Most everyone was rooting for the 49ers
except for Jack who, by being his Dad's son, could not root for the 49ers.
So he rooted for the Ravens.
[T is a Raiders fan and a 49ers hater].
I cheered for nobody
and instead spent my time eating, taking pictures of Jack, requesting videos of my little sister who is a 49ers obsessor and is hilarious to watch while she watches football
and remaining neutral throughout the game.

I took pictures. Jack actually watched the game. Haha

He's only 6 months old and already loves sports!
His eyes were glued to the TV almost the entire game.

The only thing missing from this Superbowl party?
Hopefully next year we can party all together :]

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