We're alive & well!

I know I have tons of updating to do
(soon, I promise!)
but just so you're not left hanging
wondering where the HECK we've been...
I'll give you the quick low-down.
(PS I'm posting from my phone so pictures all float to the bottom...blogger needs a serious app update, if you ask me.)

1. We traveled to Houston, TX, specifically Richmond and Kingwood to visit family.
2. Jack Jack caught bronchiolitis and also has double ear infections.
(This is why we missed What We Wear Wednesdays. Poor baby was so sad and needed to be held all day. Nothing got done. And I don't regret it even a little bit).
3. Four days after returning home from TX, Jack Jack & I caught a flight to Chicago to visit daddy while he is here on business.

We're here in Chicago another week just hanging out in the hotel room while daddy works
(maybe braving the cold & snow a few times for walks).
We'll be playing with the drawer full of toys and books I brought for Jack by day
and enjoying time with daddy by night.

Until we return home, phone updates will have to do!

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