Our Life in Pictures

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just a life update.
In [mostly] picture form.

Bought the baby a basket to keep his toys in...doesn't care about the toys anymore because the basket is way more fun.

[Just watchin' March Madness with Daddy.]

[Family date.]
[We gave Jack some of the Double Chocolatey Chip.]

[Snuggling with Grandma Wallace]

[always sleeps face down now. silly baby]

[balances himself on furniture! big boy!]

["hey, mom, what's between these cushions?" - he peeked several times.]

[I stood him up. He balanced forever.]

[loves cousins]

[Leatherby's with the Wallace fam]

[Both bathtubs unavailable?
Just take a bath in the sink!]

[Watching ESPN while he spas]

[Kitty love.]

What We Wear Wednesday

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jacket: Gap Outlet
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Tank: Charlotte Russe
Pants: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Walmart - $13!

Jack Jack

Cardigan: H&M [on sale = $10!]
Jeans: Baby Gap Outlet
Socks: Target

 Happy Wednesday!

Another Happy Weekend + Jack is 8 months old!

Monday, March 25, 2013

We had such a fun weekend even though we're a little bit miffed that my family just left on a cruise without us. Lame.
We started our weekend with a little family bonding time.

We had a delicious and ridiculously unhealthy breakfast on Saturday.
[waffles with homemade Kneader's* caramel syrup and homemade whipped cream. mmm.]
*Kneaders is a delicious bakery in Utah that serves all-you-can-eat french toast for $5 at breakfast! Needless to say, it is one thing we miss very much about Utah!

Jack might have been a little bit mad that he only got yogurt while we enjoyed sugary waffles.
Sorry baby!

I worked on a few happy little sewing projects.

You will be seeing the fruits of my labor soon enough.

Jack & I ran errands together on Saturday afternoon and for the second time a complete stranger told me Jack looks just like the Gerber baby! Maybe I should submit a picture... :]
I might have been a little bit worried he would be kidnapped at Wells Fargo with the ridiculous amount of attention everyone gave him. I was pretty sure somebody would just take him home.
Aaaand...while I was depositing cash at Wells Fargo, I opened a savings account for Jack!
Smart parenting move? Check.

On Sunday we went to Mom & Dad Wallace's and celebrated Easter a week early with all of Tom's sibs and Jack's cousins!

Jack didn't technically go on the Easter egg hunt but we did give him a basket with a few eggs to play with.


 Jack seriously loves all the attention he gets from his cousins!
Cousin Haley took Jack for a little ride on her legs. He thought it was great.

...aaaand today Jack turned 8 months old!!

Here's what he's up to these days:

Laughing a lot 

Splashing in the tub

Getting places by rolling and scooting on his back

and guess what happened today?!
He scooted on his knees! We aren't really sure what it was. Half army crawl/half real crawl/half squiggly worm move. Basically, he moved forward! Yay Jack! It was a huge celebration over here!

He stands up on things all by himself
[can't pull himself up yet].

Sometimes Jack can stand up all by himself without holding on to anything.
Daddy always plays this game with him. I think the longest he has held his balance is around 10 seconds. We tried to get it on camera yesterday but we mostly got pictures of him falling over. Haha

He has been getting a lot better about naps
[sleeping 1.5 to 3 hours instead of 20-45 minutes, hooray!]

At nighttime he still wakes up way too often.
But we discovered that if we put him down for a nap after dinner and then let him get up and play and then put him down for bed later he sleeps better/longer. I don't care what the books say about putting them to bed kid is a night owl.

He eats breakfast, lunch & dinner and nurses about 4 times per day.
He weighs around 21 or 22 pounds.
He has almost outgrown his infant car seat by height...I think we have like 2 more inches.
He wears size 4 diapers, some 9 month clothes, mostly 9-12 month clothes, and a few 12-18 month. WHAT?!
Today at Carter's I held up a 0-3 month outfit and couldn't believe how tiny it was! It made me a little bit baby hungry.

His favorite toys include keys, remote controls, cell phones, and anything he's not supposed to have.
After those fun "toys", his favorites are his felt book, board books, rattles, exersaucer and hand puppets.
He has two bottom teeth but I think more are coming soon.
He LOVES reading scriptures at night.  We actually read a kid's version of the Doctrine & Covenants...he gets SO excited as soon as he sees it. It's like a little party every night.
He says "mama" and both Tom & I are pretty sure he knows what it means
[considering he only says it when he sees me or wants me].
He loves TV, especially when he gets to watch sports with Daddy
[...with March Madness going on that's a lot! - who am I kidding? You can pretty much always catch Jack & Daddy watching ESPN together, March Madness or not.]
He gets very giggly when it's past bedtime...everything is funny.
He makes everybody smile and I get stopped everywhere I go so people can coo over him.  If you've ever wanted to be ridiculously popular, have a baby.  It's a surefire way to get everybody to notice you. :]

I can't believe my little baby is 8 months old!!


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