Baby's First Picnic

We pretty much had a perfect weekend.
It started with a shopping trip to the outlets for me & Jack.
Lots of cute new [much needed] summer clothes for Jack Jack
and a few things here and there for me.

Then [partly to help soften Daddy's heart from all the money we spent...] I planned a family lunch date to the park.
Pretty sure Jack thought eating outside was the best thing ever.

...and guess what?
Jack got up on his knees for the first time!!

I didn't get a picture of the exact moment but he has kept on doing it ever since!
I think we'll have a mobile baby on our hands soon :]
PS Please excuse the food on Jack's face.

After our picnic we hit the swings.
As you can tell, it's Jack's favorite past time.

On the walk home Jack discovered he can see us through the little window at the top of his stroller.
His life instantly got 10x better.

Pretty sure he played peek-a-boo with Daddy the whole way home.

T was so busy playing peek-a-boo and I was so busy snapping pictures that neither of us noticed Jack dropped Mr. Bunny sometime along the walk home. AHHH.
We got home and realized it and there was definitely a mini panic.
Jack and Mr. Bunny are like...BFFs.
T unpacked our picnic and got Jack ready for a nap while I went for a [second of the day] run to retrace our steps.
The park is like a mile away.  I probably got halfway and still didn't see Mr. Bunny anywhere!
Finally when I was pretty much back at the park I saw this in my path:


I seriously almost cried when I saw how sad Mr. Bunny looked.
Thrown to the ground and left behind...
poor Mr. Bunny!

Lucky for him [and Jack!] I came to the rescue
Pretty sure I looked ridiculous running home holding a stuffed animal.

Jack Jack & Mr. Bunny were promptly reunited.

Later in the afternoon Jack Jack got some pool time which he of course loved.
We definitely have a water-loving baby.

We finished off the weekend with a great afternoon at church,
delicious stacked enchiladas at Mom & Dad Wallace's
and an evening spent with family.

Hope your weekend was as splendid as ours!

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  1. I LOL'd at this entire post. So cute and I loved your hilarious narration, as always. :)


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