Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food.
My advice? Do it!
I was hesitant at first when two of my sisters-in-law encouraged me to make Jack's food.
It sounded like a lot of extra work.
But really? It's SO easy!
Plus I love knowing exactly what is in his food, I love no preservatives, I love how fresh it is, I love that you can make foods that can't be bought in the store because they're impossible to preserve.
And I love that Jack loves it!
I spend one night a month prepping baby food and stocking up.
I have 5-6 different foods going at once.

Spinach in the skillet, sweet potatoes in one pot, green beans in the other pot, zucchini steaming in the rice cooker.

I made almost all this food in one night.
Butternut squash, nectarines, collard greens, green beans, zucchini, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, cabbage.

Some foods are more time intensive than others.  Like sweet potatoes.
Peel them.
Cut them.
Boil them.
Puree them.
Yes, that is one of the more time intensive foods!...and still so easy!
But if you want to start SUPER easy do nectarines.
No need to peel them.
Chop them up.

Put them in your blender.
(I use the Ninja Express Chop from cost me $20 and I love how small it is.  I have a Ninja full-size blender too but this one is the right size for baby food - plus easy to clean! - and I can keep it out on the counter for easy access!)

Puree. Puree. Puree.
I do it more than I think I need to just to make sure I get all the little pieces.

Pour into ice cube trays.

Freeze overnight or until completely frozen through.

Then transfer cubes to a resealable freezer bag.
Date it! I put the "use by" date which is 3 months from the date you make it.
Then store in the freezer!

Jack eats 3-4 cubes of baby food at each meal.
To heat up, take your cubes out of the bag, transfer to a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for about 20 seconds per cube.  Depending on the food they sometimes need longer.  I always stir it up after 20 seconds, check the temperature, then do 5-10 second intervals (stirring each time to distribute the heat) until it's just right!

OR you can place the cubes you plan to use the next day in the refrigerator overnight so they're defrosted and ready to go in the morning! You probably still want to zap them for about 8 seconds since babies like their food room temperature.  I don't plan ahead so, for me, it's easier just to heat it up straight from frozen.

Just try it!
PS My SIL used this website for recipes for her daughter's food.
I was given a baby food recipe book by my other SIL that I use but I bet you can find recipes all over the internet!  One of our favorite combos? 
Mango, avacado, lime. 

Happy baby food making!


  1. Great idea! I'll have to do this...someday ;)

    1. I will fly to Utah and help you! I wish you could live here when you have a baby :(


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