House Diaries: House #27

So...I have a secret that isn't actually a secret.
It's more just a little-known fact.

We are under contract on a house!!

I have to admit I've left you hanging for quite some time.
This has been in the works for several weeks now.
Like since I went to Texas.
I've been so busy catching up on blog posts about TexasChicago, and Jack Jack that I just haven't gotten around to posting about our house!
Don't worry - my little sister and older brother didn't even know until last week!  I really wasn't trying to keep it a secret or anything but it took T & I a few days to make the decision to buy the house and by the time we decided we were I guess it seemed like old news.  So people just didn't get told.  Oops.

So here's the story in a nutshell.
We sort of gave up on our house-hunt for awhile after losing House #26. Remember that?
Just a couple days later Mom Wallace was contacted by some good family friends via email.
They used to live here in CA but moved to Utah about a year ago.  They have been renting out their California house for the last year.  In their email to Mom Wallace they asked if T & I might be interested in buying it!?
Well. T & I have both been in the house before but when we were young and we didn't remember everything about it exactly.  I had also made up my mind that we were just going to wait for Beazer to build the new homes we knew were coming in the spring or fall of this year.  So all of a sudden having to change my game plan and consider a 50 year old house sort of threw me for a loop.
In the end the price was right and we weren't going to have to fight investors.
And then I went and did a little tour of the house and oh my goodness, am I in love!
Seriously, this house is absolutely PERFECT for our little family!

Welcome to House #27.
[Note: The pictures are definitely not the best quality.  The current tenant was following me around while I took pictures and whining about how she couldn't believe they were going to have to move out after their lease ended. I felt really awkward turning on all the lights and trying to get good pictures when all she was saying was "I really love this house. I can't believe we have to move." So my dark little iPhone pictures will have to suffice.]

City: Rancho Cordova
Sale Price: $155,000
3 Bed/2 Bath + Office
1708 sq feet

Front of house.

Walk in front door, turn to the left and you go through that opening you can see into the kitchen.
SO much cupboard space.
A place for barstools!
Overlooks the family room.
Look out the door, across the hallway, into the next room that you can barely see.
Okay so that's this room:
I'm assuming it was originally the formal dining room and that's actually how the current tenants are using it.  We are planning to use it as an office/library.  We hope to do built ins similar to this one day:
[Something similar to this will go along the wall to the left of the entry doors and will house our computer, etc]
[Something similar to this will go along the wall directly across from the entry doors and will house books galore. A mini-library of sorts.]

Okay, continuing the tour.
Right off of the room we just toured is this room that was added on by the current owners
[this room and the room we'll use as the office/library is really all just one large space but there is a step leading down to this add-on]

I think the current owners used it as their office but the tenants are using it as a formal living area.  We would also use it as a formal living area aka no kids allowed.  This will be a toy-free zone where we can have guests over without the mess of daily living.

Now bring yourself back to the kitchen.  This is your view of the family room if you are standing in the kitchen:
 I love love LOVE how open it is to the kitchen!
Also love the fireplace!
This is how the current tenants have the room set up:

 We are hoping to one day create built-ins like this:
In case you were wondering...YES, I am obsessed with built ins!

Off of the family room is access to the backyard.
Covered patio.

Really cute landscaping + storage shed

Also off the family room is the garage which houses the laundry.
I think this may be the only big sacrifice I'm making.
I really was hoping for indoor laundry but I can make do.
There is also built in storage in the garage.

Now down the hall...
Guest bathroom which was updated in 2005.
[Please look past the tenant's awful obsession with dolphins]

 Linen closet!
[I still don't get why so many houses we saw didn't have linen closets.]

Coat closet. Exciting, I know.

Guest bedroom #1

Guest bedroom #2

Master bedroom

Walk-in closet in master!
...PLUS! another closet!
Obviously this is T's closet and the walk-in is mine.
I don't think you know how excited I was to see there were TWO closets in the master!

Master bath

That concludes our picture tour.
Sorry the pictures are awful quality. I promise to take better ones when we move in and lots of before/afters of all the things we want to do.
I have lots of happy little ideas for this house.
We don't close escrow until April 30 as we are waiting for the tenants' lease to end on April 27.
Also. Because we are purchasing the house from friends both parties ultimately decided to move forward without realtors.  It has been an absolute headache writing up our own contract, etc but so worth it to save the sellers some money.  I have spent hours upon hours poring over contracts, documents, etc etc and I just can't wait for it to all be OVER and the house to be ours!

Let me just say.
Being offered this house was seriously such a big blessing and definitely an answer to many prayers and fasts.  Right when we were really beginning to feel like we would never find a house with all the competition (ugh, investors) we were randomly contacted about purchasing this one.  Heavenly Father certainly has a hand in our lives and we feel so grateful.

[some pictures were used from Zillow]

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