Jack Jack: 7 Months!

Our sweet baby Jack is 7 months (& one week) old!

He loves to sit up.

Loves reading books.
His [haha or my] favorites are Sandra Boynton books
or his [homemade] felt counting book.

He brushes his teeth now!

He sleeps in mommy & daddy's bed every night.
He starts in his crib but ends up in our bed by around midnight.
I'm really going to try to break this habit once he has his own room
but I'm savoring every sweet minute with him right now.

How could you not want him to sleep by you when he wakes up this happy?

He's the smiliest little bug.

He just loves morning runs!

He's a BYU fan.

He loves kisses.

He eats baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Rice cereal & fruit in the morning.
Fruit & a veggie at lunch.
Fruit or a veggie at dinner + table foods.
My sisters-in-law encouraged me to do homemade baby food
and I'm obsessed!
It's the best way to go, in my opinion. It's SO easy and you know exactly what's in it!

Foods Jack loves: bananas, avacado/mango/lime mixture (above), nectarines, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, mango, carrots, peas, kiwi, rice, bread, corn.
His very favorite is sweet potatoes - he inhales them!
He is not so fond of green beans or yellow squash. 
This is Jack's face after green beans. We're working on it haha.

He has even learned how to feed himself!
Jack loves TV. If the TV is on everything else is less important.
...we mostly leave it off haha.

Jack Jack LOVES the water. Bath time, swimming, all of it.

Jack loves animals.
He has been to the zoo twice and loves it
but T & I agree he would love the pound even more.
He is especially fond of cats and dogs.
He is obsessed with my parents' cat.
Recently Jack has learned to imitate Arwen's meow.
Every time she meows, he "meows."
It's more of just a small yell but we just think he's so smart!

He has learned how to scoot off the bed and changing have to watch him very carefully!

He also climbs over the edge of the couch if he sees something he wants.

He loves playing with his cousins.
He sees Hayden the most and Jack just loves him!

Jack absolutely loves time with Daddy.

He loves time with mommy, too.

He now sleeps on his tummy...his choice. We lay him on his back but if you check on him a few minutes later he is fast asleep like this!

Jack goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00.
He usually wakes up around 10-11 to nurse and then way too many times each night
[not to nurse, just to cry...what the?].
He usually wakes up between 7:00 and 7:30 unless he had an especially sleepless night.
Then he sleeps until 8:30 or 9am.
His naps last 45 minutes he takes like 3-4 cat naps a day.
At least I thought he took naps during the day.
But then I started checking on him and I often peek in and see this:

a wide awake baby silently (very silently, mind you) playing with his bunny.
At least he has quiet time. We're working on the nap part.

Jack is really easy-going and so mellow.
He even let his cousins (once removed) put a bow in his hair. Haha

 He is obsessed with the mirror.

Giving himself kisses. Haha I was dying.
PS Look at that chunky baby!

He learned how to smack his lips recently.
He says "mamamama" and I'm convinced he knows what it means.
He is very, very ticklish.

His favorite toys include the exersaucer

johnny jumper

plastic rings, books, rattles, frozen teething rings, hand puppets, and household objects like wires, combs, plastic wrap, paper, pens, the remote, and anything else he can get his hands on.

He can scoot on his back to get to things he wants
but no sign of crawling or scooting on his tummy yet.

We love watching this little boy grow & learn new things every day.
He's our very favorite little bugger and life wouldn't be the same without him!


  1. He has such a cute smile. Love the dimples.

    1. Thanks! I love reading about Maggie! - saw the video of her walking the other day! Yay Maggie!

  2. I feel your pain about the room sharing thing. We can't even keep Alexis in our bed anymore, because she wakes up and wants to play with us! And Sandra Boynton books are a big hit here too! Such a cute little family. Good luck with the house hunt!

    1. Ahhh YES, you & I are in the same boat! I can't WAIT for Jack to have his own room! You guys are still on the house hunt too, right? Good luck to you too!


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